Festivals In Ghana Africa

Festivals In Ghana Africa Ghana is a breathtakingly beautiful African country famous for its natural resources, wildlife and culture. The foreign rule in Ghana has led to the culture of this country being influenced by the Portuguese, British, Dutch, and Spanish cultures.

Ghana has managed to maintained and develop thousands of festivals through these years. These festivals have a strong history and a special sophisticated manner of celebration. The native people value these festivals and celebrate them with happiness and joy.

The Aboakyer Festival and The Afenorto Festival

The Aboakyer festival is celebrated in the month of May. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the migration of a tribe called Simpa to this part of Africa from the western Sudanese empire. The Simpa people were forced to flee from the western Sudanese empire due to the ruler’s decree stating that every year a person royal family of Simpa would be sacrificed.

The Simpa people refused to submit to this ghastly decree and with Out, their god they left the old home and relocated to Pekyi which became their home till date.

The Aboakyer Festival

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The festival celebration includes, sacrifice of a deer, traditional chanting and rituals unique to these people. The festival is supposed to be important and celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. The Afenorto festival is a festival of the Mepe people residing in the Volta region.

In this festival people along with their families visit each other and thank for what they have. It also includes match making, dancing, singing, telling stories about the past generations and prying for the prosperity and development of the generations to come.  New community development projects are undertaken during this festival. The honoring of the ancestors is the main motive behind this celebration. This festival is similar to the thanks giving in the United States.

The Homowo Festival and The Asafotu-Fiam Festival

The Homowo festival is celebrated by the a tribe of Accra, known as Ga. This is a festival which is celebrated for a month generally falling at the end of July. This festival celebrates the harvest of the millet crops which is the major food crop of this region.

homowo festival in ghana

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A traditional dish called Kpokpoi is prepared during the Homowo festival which is a dish cooked with corn in palm oil and served with a soup made from palm nut. This festival is celebrated by singing, praying and feasting. The Asafotu-Fiam festival is celebrated by the Ada people living near Accra. This warriors’ festival is celebrated every year from the last Thursday in the month of July to the first  August weekend.

Asafotu-Fiam Festival

This festival commemorates the sacrifice and victories of the warriors in various battles of the past. The people dress in typically traditional attires and acts depicting past battles are prepared and presented. This festival brings the past glories of warrior lifestyle to the present generation.

Military groups popularly known as the ‘Asafo Companies’, carry out processions in the streets by singing and drumming. This festival marks the start of the harvest and is said to be a purifier for the new ventures to begin. These festivals of Ghana, Africa give the people a chance to come together and celebrate their uniqueness of culture and share it with others.