Famous Landmarks In Alexandria, Egypt

Famous Landmarks In Alexandria Considered as one of the most beautiful lands of the world, Egypt has grown into a much sought-after tourist place in recent years. The asset of natural beauty along with its rich source of history had made Egypt a top destination for tourists.

Many travel to the ancient port city of Alexandria which is a jewel of this god’s blessed land. Alexandria has both historical monuments as well as natural beaches. Alexandria with her suitable geographic location to carry out its trading activity has well defined routes to reach out to the globe.

Today, Egypt boasts a blend of divergent cultures that is exclusive to this part of the world and this is one of the most remarkable aspects of a tour to Alexandria. There are also several other attractions in Alexandria such as spas (wellness activity), which is also gaining popularity.

Introducing Alexandria

Alexandria was known as the mermaid of the Mediterranean. It is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo. It is also sometimes considered to be the second Capital of Egypt. The Greek emperor Alexander built the city of Alexandria to immortalize his name. Dinocrates was instrumental in building Alexandria on the site of the village Rhakotis in 331 B.C.

alexandria city

The city after that has flourished into a dominant trading destination with its unique eco-socio culture. The port city enjoys its advantageous location on the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mareotis. Being the capital of Ptolemis, it had several monuments that gave us a glimpse of the rich heritage of a great civilization that extended its hegemony over the world.

The location of Alexandria makes it a profit-making city for its large share in sea trade of Egypt. Many travelling pundits describe Alexandria as a clash of the ancient and the modern. The city skylines are dotted with imposing skyscrapers and remnants of archaic structures and this makes sightseeing in Alexandria a must.

Landmarks and Monuments in Alexandria:

There are many places of sightseeing in Alexandria. Romans have left several landmarks and monuments here making it a must-watch place in Egypt; some of the structures such as the Roman amphitheatre, Pompey’s Pillar are definitely major tourist attractions.

Abbas al-mursi Mosque

Photo Credit: Muslimummah.net

There are also modern landmarks that inspire awe such as the beautiful Abbas al-mursi Mosque. Tsunamis and earthquakes have destroyed the beautiful Roman city in their successive attacks, leaving behind many hidden riches, which have been underwater ever since. These underwater treasures can be explored by contacting city’s diving club.

New library of Alexandria is known as Biblotheka. The library is an important milestone of modern day architecture. The structure includes a large granite wall symbolizing all known letters and contains extensive collection of literature.

Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque is an eye candy because of its shinning interior decorations with ornate details. There had been a mosque on this location since 13th century that were later renovated and re-construction comprehensively to make the stunning Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque in 1940s.

Pompey’s Pillar

Photo Credit: Bibleplaces.com

Pompey’s Pillar constructed from red granite was built in Corinthian style. It is said that the pillar was raised in honour of the Roman Emperor Diocletion for saving the city from famine in 299 Ad. Caesareum is the left-over ruins of a former temple, which are still worth a visit for those interested to know about the rich Roman culture that prevailed in the past.

The Catacomb of Kom el Shaqafa, which lies nearly 120 feet below ground, is also a famous tourist place. The place has served as a burial ground since its inception in 2nd-century AD. A very rare mix of Egyptian, Roman and Greek architectures is found in these chambers. Tourists need to trek down spiral staircase in order to see these chambers (mystifying landmark).

Catacomb of Kom el Shaqafa

The Qaitbey Fort lies in the eastern harbour of the city where visitors can gawk out Alexandria from the slotted windows on the upper blocks. This fortress, which collapsed after an earthquake in 14th century, remains an exciting to pry on the breathtaking expanse Mediterranean.

Modern Structures Alexandria:

Stanley Bridge built over the Stanley Bay is inspired by the Montazah Palace with its Islamic style having four towers at its four ends. The walk on the beach is cherished a lot because of the magnificent view of the sea and the bay. The beach underneath the bridge is also one of the most beautiful beaches here in Alexandria.

stanley bridge alexandria

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Saad Zaghloul square is also known as Raml Station, stands as a spectator of the Statue of the great Saad Zaghloul who successfully tried to unify the Egyptian mass with the British. Therefore, there are many attractions in alexandria considering the modern day monuments as well.

Customs of Alexandria

The most suitable time for visiting Alexandria is during the summer because of the fine weather. The food price is cheap so it is not necessary to bring in canned food or drinks from one’s respective country.

One must desire to thank the people of Egypt for their services and knowledge impartment about their rich history, can use the famous word known as “Shoukran” (Egyptian language) meaning thank you. Egypt is an exhilarating place to visit with a blend of cultures and customs. In this way the varied attractions in Alexandria catches the eye of tourists.

Alexandria light house

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Egypt considered being the seat of one the most respected civilizations in the world today, has given birth to numerous legends. Alexandria is today the second largest city of Egypt connecting Egypt to the rest of the world through its ancient port.

Alexandria now has become as one of the most well liked tourist destination in the world. On hearing, the name of Alexandria creates the images of rich affluence inside us.  Time has faded away the old avatar of the city, yet it holds numerous invaluable treasures that lure people to tour mystic land with lively interest.

The city was once bastion of coastal defence and a rendezvous point for affluent traders. It still is a reminiscence of the prowess with which the Greeks dominated the world.