Family Holidays : Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Located in south eastern Wisconsin, Lake Geneva is a very popular tourist attraction for families and attracts hordes of locals and tourists the year around.

The lake is located smack in the middle of a quaint little town which is filled with Victorian style homes and century old mansions. Formerly a resort area for wealthy families during the years following the Civil Wrar, Lake Geneva was called the Newport of the West became a popular public tourist attractions in the early 90’s.

It has stayed that way ever since. There is so much to do in and around the lake that families never seem to notice the time fly by while they are here. The lake is situated about a 90 minute drive from Chicago and a 60 minute drive from either Milwaukee or Wisconsin.

There are plenty of lodges and other accommodation facilities around the lake. These include standard and luxury hotels, inns, resorts and bed and breakfasts. Numerous restaurants in and around the region offer both fine dining and casual dining facilities for the entire family.

A drive through the picturesque lakside town can provide wonderful views of historical mansions, some of which include Black Point Mansion, Villa Hortensia, The Oaks, House in the Woods and Maple Lawn.

In addition to this, it is possible to spot the homes of several renowned American businessmen like Montgomery Ward, Pinkerton, Allerton, Sears, Wrigley and Levy Leiter to name a few.

The areas around the lake offer several land activities for the entire family. Dan Patch Stable, Field Stone Farm Carriage & Pony and Fantasy Hills Ranch are some of the ranches that offer horseback riding for adults and hay and carriage rides for children. Couples can opt for romantic carriage tours that will take them around the lake and the National Historic Maple Park District.

Balloon riding is a popular activity at the lake and the Lake Geneva Balloon Company offers scintillating balloon rides throughout the week. The rides are operated at sunrise and sunset each day and take riders over the picturesque lake and the areas around it.

There are quite a handful of petting zoos and animal farms near the lake that offer families and children the opportunity to get as close to farm animals as possible. Some farms even allow the guests to touch and pet the animals. The more popular farms and pet zoos include Fantasy Hills Ranch and The Geneva Animal Garden.

In addition to offering several lesiure activites like spas and tennis, the resorts and clubs around Lake Geneva offer families and couples chances to play golf in some of the best golf courses in the region. These include the Abbey Springs Golf Course, Geneva National Golf, George Williams Campus Gold Course, Paradise Golf Course (miniature golf), and the Evergreen Golf Club.

What’s a lake without some kind of water sports? The lake is one of the busiest places in the region and its beaches are almost always crowded with visitors. The calm, refreshing waters of the lake attract swimmers and fishing is quite popular at the deeper areas.

Boating is one of the most popular recreational activities at Lake Geneva and there are numerous boat rental agencies that rent out powerboats, sailboats, kayaks and canoes to visitors. Numerous water sports centers situated on the beaches of the lake offer several water sporting activities.

Sightseeing tours around the lake are regularly arranged by the boat rental agencies. Some of the more popular tours include the US Mailboat Tour, Full Lakes Mansions Tours, Sundowner Cruises, historic Black Point Mansions Tours and the Ice Cream Social Tours. Private charters are also available at the Lake Geneva Cruise Line Fleet.

There are several art galleries, fashion outlets, gift shops and souvenir shops in downtown Lake Geneva which is just a short stroll away from the lake. In addition to getting great bargains on clothes and fashion accessories, guests can purchase really unique gifts to take back home to their loved ones.


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