Family Holidays at the Smugglers’ Notch Family Resort, New England

If you are tired of slogging out in the sun all day, here’s your chance to get away from it all and head up into the mountains. There are several ski resorts around the world which offer hordes of activities for visitors who get bored of the sunny weather and wish to enjoy quality time in the snow.

If you are in the USA and wish to visit a really fantastic ski resort, try out the Smugglers’ Notch Family Resort in the New England region. Located in Vermont, the resort is fondly called Smuggs by its repeated visitors and has won several awards for its pristine location and facilities.

Smuggs is located quite close to the cities of Boston Massachusetts, Montreal and New York City. The best time to visit the resort would be in the month of June where summer packages are at their cheapest. In addition to this, autumn can also be good time to visit the resort as there are special bargain deals for families and couples.

Accommodation and Other Facilities: You don’t need to worry about finding accommodation in a ski resort that is almost always crowded the year around. There are several quality hotels, apartments and condos that offer rooms at bargain prices. Each apartment or condo is just a short walk away from the other and is fully equipped with modern day bathrooms and kitchenettes. Shuttle rides are available to the resort center and to the various ski trails in the mountains.

The Village Center is a massive shopping mall that also hosts dining facilities. In addition to this, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in and around the resort that offer lots of interesting choices. If you feel like spending some quality time together with your loved one, you can arrange for a professional babysitter to take care of your toddlers either at the condo or at one of the  activity centers for children.

Attractions in the Snow: Much of the resort’s snowy features are dedicated to ski enthusiasts who try to conquer the sloping hills with great gusto. There are a total of 78 ski trails that are scattered across 3 mountain ranges. These trails enable everyone from the beginner to the professional to ski down slopes befitting his/her level.

The resort is home to the areas’ only triple black diamond trail and allows skiers to cover the entire 1000 acres of snowy terrain which has various terrain parks in addition to the ski trails.

The resort has an onsite sports shop that rents out ski and snowboarding equipment for all ages. So there is no need to carry all that heavy gear from home. The resort also operates a Snow Sport University that is aimed at teaching every one of its visitors to either ski or snow board.

Lessons are arranged for smaller kids as well as adults and you can choose between group lessons or private classes. Guests who find it a little difficult to get around can have their share of learning via the Adaptive Skiing and Riding programs.

A highlight of the center is its active Flair GPS technology that is capable of tracking kids who are at the slopes and elsewhere in the resort. This enables you to breathe easy without pondering over the safety of your children for the entire trip. Other snow activities include cross country skiing, ice skating, winter walking, tube sliding, snowmobile riding and snowshoeing and air boarding.

Dry Games: If you have had enough of snow and want to stay dry for a while, there is no need to stay put in your condo. The resort has hordes of dry games and indoor entertainment zones you can visit in case the weather decides to play spoilsport. The Fun Zone Family Entertainment and Recreation Center welcomes families with open arms and offers many activities like indoor swimming, table games, arcade games, artificial obstacle courses, mountain climbing, bouncy houses and giant slides that wind through the entire center before stopping at a pool.

In addition to this, the center also houses massage centers, an arts and crafts activity zone and several hot tubs for relaxing baths. The evening lightens up with interactive entertainment programs that feature dance, music and skit shows for the entire family.

Learn to skateboard at the Skateboard Park which offers camps, lessons, equipment and artificial terrain for all levels of skateboarders, bikers and skaters. The Via Ferrata includes the entire family in a forest themed adventure where visitors need to hike through different sections of the zone with the help of suspended cables and ladders.

The Fun Meisters’ Clubhouse sees many families gathering together for an afternoon full of family activities and self guided tours through the clubhouse. In addition to all this, guests can enjoy other activities like kayaking, canoeing, llama trekking and golfing in the nearby miniature and professional golf courses.

There is no better place for families to get together than at Smuggs. The resort aims at maximizing the need for family members to stay together and enjoy the vacation as one big complete family. And so, almost all the entertainment shows put up by the resort are ones that include the entire family instead of targeting just one particular age group.

Some of these so called family entertainment shows include welcome parties, magic shows, country markets, games, splash parties, family dances, karaoke nights, movies, bonfires, and bingo nights.

If you feel the smaller kids might not feel that much excited with all the shows, there is no need to worry. The resort offers daily activities and entertainment shows dedicated for toddlers aged 7 to 10 and kids aged 11 to 15. In addition to two teen centers, the resort operates several nurseries and day care centers that keep the little ones occupied with activities like Sound and Stage where they get to impersonate famous celebrities.

Family Packages: If you are planning a visit to Smuggs, you may want to take a look at the special family packages the resort offers every year. Instead of paying for each part of the holiday individually, you can book the entire package which would include travel costs, accommodation and food in addition to free access to several activities in the resort. This leaves you with little or no hassles on your trip and you need to pay only for additional facilities you may require.

A typical family package offered in the summer season would include lodging provided in a condo in a mountainside village, free access to hot tubs, pools and water slides at the Notchville Park in addition to access to teen centers, the skate park and the miniature golf course. The package also includes evening entertainment for the entire family in addition to free tickets to the Family Fest programs for the entire family.

Visiting Smuggs is a one of a kind experience and there is not a better place in the world for your family to enjoy their summer vacation. Visit Smuggs today and return home with a bag full of memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.

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