Fairy tales come true in the Ice Hotel, Sweden

ice-hotel-sweden Are you planning your honeymoon or family holiday? Why not think differently and come to a unique place which offers you a once in a lifetime experience which you will cherish always? Come to the Ice Hotel, Sweden. Situated in a small village, Jukkasjärvi, in the Arctic Circle, this fantastic hotel is sure to awe you with its beauty. Open from December to April, it is the first ice hotel of the world, created in 1990.

The company Jukkas (which started the ice hotel) was a tourist operator, which used to organize games and summer festivals and used to stop its activities during winter. A french artist Jannot Derid held an exhibition in an igloo. When all the tourists had departed, the organizers slept in the igloo with reindeer skin and sleeping bags, just to see how the experience would be. Since then, things changed and they thought of taking advantage of the season. The Ice hotel was born.

Made up entirely of snow and ice, they give you a fun-filled, chilling experience. Right from the ceiling, floors and pillars to even the glasses and plates, everything is made up of snow. It is on top of list of the destination hotels of the world. Appropriate temperatures are maintained inside the hotel, for you to feel warm and comfortable.

Having the appearance of an igloo, the hotel offers a sleeping bag, thick blankets made up of reindeer skin to stay warm and protected from the chilly atmosphere outside. Morning starts with a hot cup of tea, hot body massage and sauna. Based on the outside temperature and number of occupants, the temperature inside the hotel would be between – 4 and – 9 degree Celsius. Special food and beverages are prepared keeping in mind the temperature and the mood of the guests.

Each of the rooms has special sculptures and wall hangings made up of snow, with windows giving you the perfect view outside. TV, telephone, refrigerator, toilet and heater are all provided, along with a waiter at your service throughout your stay.

Around the month of March, snow and ice blocks are collected from the nearby Torne River and stored in a production hall which can occupy 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. When the temperature drops and the ice and snow solidify, snow is sprayed on artificial pillars. After some days, when the pillars are removed, thick blocks of ice standing as sturdy pillars are seen.

Artificial ice blocks are used as dividers for rooms and conference area of the hotel. A substance known as snice, which acts as a mortar, is used to keep everything glued together. The hotel opens up to tourists in phases from December to January, when it is finally completed in all respects. It has a hall, conference room, sofas, beds, chairs and bar area. Around 50 artists are short listed for the design of this hotel, from the huge numbers of applications that come in. The month of March slowly starts melting the hotel and it is fully perished by the time April ends. Then, construction starts from scratch.

You would definitely want to try this out. So, witness your fairy tale vacation come true.

meenakshi nilakantan