Explore The Beaches Of China

China occupies a considerable share of land in the East. The country has a coastline of more than eighteen thousand kilometers touching the waters of Huanghai, Bohai, East and South China seas. Along this long coastline, there are some exotic beaches in China that will mesmerize everybody.

The China beach that mingles the history and beauty with an unsurpassed elegance is the Silver Beach. So, visit Beihai city in Guangxi province. This place has a legacy of more than two thousand years and a serene beach that will let you spend your vacation in unsurpassed glory. Stretched over two kilometers, this beach has white sand and everything to make you happy.

Another great China beach is the Tiger Beach in the city of Dalian in Liaoning province. The name of the beach is derived from the large marble statue of tiger. However, the beach is rocky and so not ideal for those who enjoy tranquil tides. For that, however, you have to go a few kilometers to Bangchuidao Jugqu. Also, you can get to Fujiazhuang Beach located nearby. The Golden Stone Beach is around 60kms north of the city.

If you are looking for the best beach in China, you have to pay a visit to Xiamen Beach. This beach in Fujian is long and offer excellent swimming opportunities. The array of palm trees swaying along the stretches of white sand makes it a treat to enjoy at least a day on this beach.

Not everyone is aware that some parts in China lie in the tropical region as well. One such place is Hainan, the beach capital of China. The exotic settings, the beach zone, resorts and palm trees – all make this place a paradise on earth. This tropical island has some of the best beaches in China including Dadonghai Beach, Luhuitou Peninsula, and obviously, the Yalong Bay.

Shandong is another place is China with some brilliant beaches. This is where the sailing events of 2008 Olympics were held. There are as many as six renowned beaches in the city of Qingdao, the city in Shandong. They have different characteristics, and they all offer good surfing facilities. However, if you want more tranquil settings, visit Yellow Island or Huang Dao via boat.

As you can see, there are quite a few beaches in China. However, before visiting them, check out the entry fee that some of the beaches charge.