Experience the natural beauty of Assam, India

assam-tea Known as the largest tea producer of India, Assam is one place you should definitely visit if you want to see the mystic beauty of the country. It is a green paradise and is filled with beautiful lush covers of greenery. You will get to see the natural beauty of India in its varied colors.

Guwahati should be on your places-to-visit list, because of its busy and delightful city life. Assam State Museum is located in the heart of Guwahati and has an impressive collection of archaeological, ivory, terracotta, tribal and historical objects which interest the tourists to a great extent. Having separate sections for archaeology, epigraphy and numismatics, this museum draws many tourists. Many exclusive and unique paintings, armory, stone sculptures and statues adorn the walls of this ancient museum, which was established in 1940.

If you are an animal enthusiast, Kaziranga National Park is the place for you. Apart from having the highest number of tigers among protected areas in the world and wild animals like elephants and wild water buffalos, you will also find one-horned rhinoceros, which are very rare in the world. Rivers, marshland and dense forests are also an integral part of this park. You can also witness bird fighting at Jatinga Bird Sanctuary. Many birds come in huge numbers and die eventually, making many people think that they commit suicide. It’s a big mystery for many bird activists.

If you want to see some fresh water, come to Majuli, which is near the Brahmaputra River and is the largest river island in the world. You will get a cool combination of water, beautiful scenery and fresh air in this part of the city. Many cultural and local shows can be seen at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra, which is a multi-cultural arts complex hosting many shows which depict the life of people in Assam.

Apart from these attractions, botanical gardens and temples are the other places you can visit. An international airport at Guwahati has many flights coming in and going out of the city, making air travel very convenient. You can also use the national highways, which are well-connected with the other cities of India. Or you can simply take a train from any major city of India and come to Assam.

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