Experience The Modern Life In East Africa

East Africa The first things that come to the mind when thinking about a tour to East Africa are the safari and local tribes. However, thanks to the tremendous development and expansion of the modern technology, East Africa is gradually coming up with an altogether new identity.

Its emerging cities are now offering a unique combination of the African culture along with the modern cosmopolitan amenities. So, if you are planning a trip to East Africa, make sure that you check out this new and very interesting aspect of the region.

Understanding East Africa:

East Africa comprises of several countries lying to the eastern part of the continent. In general, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti are considered to be the countries in the East Africa.

Some people also consider Madagascar, Seychelles, Rwanda, Uganda etc. So, there are quite a few countries that are located in this part of the world; and many of them attract many tourists every year. Naturally, these countries offer some amenities to cater to the needs of the international tourists.

In recent years, the life in the East Africa has undergone significant changes. The introduction of modern technologies and the availability of the modern facilities have made life easier in this once remote part of the planet. New cities and commercial hubs are emerging offering many new facilities to the citizens and tourists alike.

Major Countries and Cities In East Africa:


Tanzania is one of the most stable and well administered countries in the entire Africa. This, coupled with the geographical and cultural background, attracts thousands of tourists across the globe to this country.

Though economic problems are still persistent, Tanzania has made tremendous progress in the social service. The capital of the city is Dodoma. The city has an airport and is about the build another bigger one outside the city.

Tourist attractions in Dar es Salaam

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However, the largest and most advanced city in Tanzania is certainly Dar es Salaam, which is also the commercial capital of the country. The city has a wide range of amenities to offer to its guests. The city has numerous restaurants offering different cuisines. Along with the traditional Zanzibari and Indian cuisines, the city also offers authentic Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese and Italian cuisines.

Music is another great aspect in Dar es Salaam. Tourists can enjoy the traditional music as well as the modern music like Rap, R & B, Hip Hop etc. in the city. Tourist attractions in Dar es Salaam include museums, botanical gardens, marine reserve, as well as Kaole Ruins – a famous historical spot.


Ethiopia is the second most populous country in the entire Africa. The country has Adama, Dire Dawa etc. that offer amazing city life. However, the largest city of the country is Addis Ababa – the capital of the country. Numerous tourists visit the city round the year and there are several tourist attractions in Addis Ababa. Some of them include Africa Hall, National Museum, Ethnological Museum, Shengo Hall, St. George Cathedral etc.

addis ababa ethiopia

The city offers various options for recreations. For example, there are golf clubs, Jan Moda Race Ground, Bihere Tsige Recreation Center, Lion Zoo etc. Addis Ababa is also the shoppers’ paradise. There are several markets across the city where you can buy tourist goods, metal goods, souvenirs, showpieces and almost everything else. The city has numerous restaurants and foods are generally cheap. Addis Ababa also has several night clubs, pubs and bars.


Madagascar is the fourth largest island located off the eastern coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean. This tropical island is often considered to be the eighth continent of the world because of its diversity and uniqueness of climate and flora and fauna.

madagascar island

Though the country is not one of the most developed ones in the continent, there are some cities such as Antananarivo, Andoany, Antsirabe, Morondava, Toamasina that offer good accommodations and recreation options.


Kenya is certainly, one of the most popular countries in the East Africa. Though the fame chiefly lies in the beautiful beaches and wildlife, Kenya does offer some exciting city life. Nairobi, the capital of the country, is certainly the most important among them. The city has several museums, national parks, mosques, scenic beauties, etc.

kenya beach

Nairobi offers everything that a modern city can. It has some excellent restaurants that offer different cuisines. There are ice skating grounds, cricket ground, stadiums etc for recreations. Nairobi offers thrilling night life with night clubs and bars. The city has several markets from where you can buy keepsakes, and other goods. If you an art lover, you can visit the Go-Down Arts Center where you can enjoy local arts.


Djibouti has the capital with the same name. The city is located on the eastern coast of the country. The cool and sustained coastal breeze keeps the city cool and comfortable. Apart from the beaches, Djibouti has some other tourist attractions like some palaces and historical spots.

djibouti night clubs

However, if you are missing the thriving city life, you can visit the Aden Bay Casino. The city also has some good night clubs, dancing clubs, pubs offering exciting nightlife.


Seychelles is certainly the favorite tourist spots for many. Basically, the country comprises of more than 100 small islands scattered off the eastern coast of the main landmass of Africa. Some of the islands are uninhabited yet. However, the capital of Seychelles, Victoria offers some good amenities for the international tourists.

The city has several restaurants and hotels catering to different budgets. Victoria also has a very exciting nightlife with some excellent nightclubs.The beach hotels too, offer some good options for recreations as well.

seychelles city

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It is important to understand, however, that African countries are still struggling for economic development and these countries are not exceptions as well.

So, it will not be just to expect world class facilities from these countries and cities. Still, it is quite commendable that the countries are putting on their efforts to come up with modern amenities that the modern and international tourists expect. And the result has been encouraging so far. So, now, you can expect some nice surprises when you visit East Africa.