Experience Paris Through Seine River Cruise

The Seine River has run right through the middle of Paris. Its waters have mingled the two banks of the city and unified the elegance, charm, and beauty of this amazing city. To understand Paris comprehensively, Seine river cruise is, therefore, essential. The cruise will offer you some breathtaking views of the city and some of the most luxurious moments in your trip to Paris.

The most unmistakable sight from the Seine River cruise is La Tour Eiffel. You will see the shades of Eiffel Tower changing from cocoa to golden as the day progresses. Finally, the lights from the four pillars will beacon in your memory long after your Paris tour.

Beauty abounds in your Seine river cruise. Throughout your river cruise, you will come across numerous bridges which are beautiful in themselves. You will find the Pont Neuf – a bridge whose foundation stone was laid by Henry III, the king of France in 1578. However, the construction completed in the 1607, almost thirty years after the construction started. Another marvelous bridge is Pont d’Austerlitz, built in the mid 19th century. This 30m wide bridge rests on two stone abutments and four piers.

Along the banks of Seine River, you will see some specimens of elegance which Paris is known for. One such example is Pont Alexander III, a bridge connecting the Invalides with Grand Palais. The gilded bronze Pegasus and the nymphs and cherubs on the lampposts are some of the most exquisite examples of Parisian art and elegance.

The greatest thing with the Seine River cruise is that it allows the tourists to watch Paris from a different perspective. Truly, it is a memorable experience to watch the Eiffel Tower, Quai Henri IV, or Notre Dame while gliding past the city.

There are several river cruises available on Seine. Some of them are conducted on small boats while some others are conducted on large ones. Generally, the larger boats offer dinner or lunch. The seine river cruise provides ideal opportunity to experience the beauty of French capital at one go.

In fact, not only Paris, the seine river cruises are often extended to some other interesting places of France as well. Some of the cruises take their passengers by small fishing villages and adventure spots like Mantes, Rouen and Troyes.