Exotic Luxury Cruises To The Caribbean

If you dream about vacationing in a destination that has a sunny climate throughout the year, a warm and inviting atmosphere, crystal clear beaches to swim in and plenty of exciting sites to visit and things to do; then your best bet would be the Caribbean which is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world, thanks to all of the above mentioned qualities.

Exotic Luxury Cruises To The Caribbean

And for those of you who wish to enjoy everything the Caribbean has to offer, the best way to do it is to opt for an exotic luxury cruise to the region that would let you enjoy visits to the best tourist locations in the region without having to spend extra on accommodation and food.

Exotic Luxury Cruises To The Caribbean

A luxury cruise to the Caribbean would provide you with the best sights and sounds of the region and a place to stay in for the night. Not to forget mentioning the mouth watering food and treats you get to sample while on board these cruises.

Best Places

So where exactly in the Caribbean would you want to go? Considering the fact that there are plenty of exotic luxury cruise liners out there, which would be the best, most popular and most luxurious (and most affordable) cruises that you can opt for? Here are some choices to help you make your decision.

Luxury Cruises To The Eastern Caribbean

These cruises are either a week long travel or stretch for two weeks (to and fro) and would take you to the more popular tourist attractions on the eastern Caribbean, including stops at cities like Antigua, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, St. Croix etc.

Luxury Cruises To The Western Caribbean

Covering the attractions present on the Western Caribbean, luxury cruises to the Western Caribbean are similar to the cruises that operate in the Eastern Caribbean and would stop at cities like the Cayman Islands, Mexico and Jamaica etc.

Luxury Cruises To The Caribbean

Luxury Cruises To The Southern Caribbean

Most of the luxury cruises to the Southern regions of the Caribbean would usually stop at the cities of Aruba, Tobago, Barbados, Trinidad and Curacao etc. For instance, the Silver Wind Cruise operates an 8 night luxury cruise that stops at the island destinations of Grenada, Dominica, St. Bart’s and Bequia etc. in addition to stopping at the other destinations mentioned above.

Cruise Options

Island Cruises

Apart from visiting these sea side towns and cities, most of the exotic luxury cruises to the Caribbean would enable you to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural beaches in the region. Inland activities are plentiful too, ranging from site seeing, hiking, volcano visits and jeep safaris to swimming and snorkeling.

Wedding Cruises

Always wanted to have a unique wedding that would remain in your hearts forever? Then opt for a wedding cruise wherein you will be wedded on board a luxury cruise liner.

Cruises To The Caribbean

The ship’s captain will preside over the ceremony and wed you. And although the actual wedding ceremony would take place when the ship is docked, the honeymoon begins afterwards when the ship sets sail. Just make sure that you have everything booked in advance and ready before arriving.

Things To Ponder Before Opting For A Luxury Caribbean Cruise

The Cruise liner that you decide to travel on would play an important role in how your holiday would shape up. Opting for a large cruise liner would enable you to visit most of the tourist attractions in the region. These include liners like the Crystal, the Princess Cruise Lines, the Celebrity, and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines etc.

A smaller cruise liner on the other hand would stick to a few basic and a few lesser known tourist attractions. These include ships like Seabourn, Silverstar and Oceania Cruise Lines etc.

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