Enjoy the Best Waterfalls in the World

waterfall The feeling of being in the wilderness with the dense spray of cold water engulfing you. The sense of exhilaration as you stand, drenched from head to toe and yet not wanting the moment to end; not wanting to come back to reality.

If this looks like some sort of poetry then you are right! For we are talking about one of God’s best creations – the waterfall.

Thousands of gallons of water falling from incredible heights, the mist of the spray that surrounds the area and the location of the waterfall itself are some of the sights that are bound to take your breath away. If you are a lover or nature and water, see them come together and create magic at some of the biggest and best waterfalls in the world.

Iguazu Falls (Argentina):- An individual fall that is made up of nearly 275 smaller waterfalls and cascades, the Iguazu Falls is clearly the most visited waterfall in the world. Spanning a whopping distance of 2 km, the fall garners a total of almost 1000 cubic centimeters of water per second. If you want to get a closer look and get drenched by the spray, walk through the various catwalks built across the falls.

Basaseachic, Cascada de (USA):- Situated in the city of Mexico, this waterfall is clearly the city’s largest and perhaps the world’s tallest waterfall. At an astounding height of 1023 feet, an arch spans the entire waterfall at the threshold and is a natural structure formed from mountain rock.

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe):- Located in the district of Zambia, this waterfall draws hordes of visitors every year. The water falls from a height of 108 meters and the fall itself stretches across 1.7 km of mountain side. Aptly called “Smoke that thunders”, the falls will definitely take you by storm and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in addition to being one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Beaver Chief Falls (USA):- Located in Montana’s Glacier National Park , this waterfall also goes by the names of Lincoln Falls and Diamond Falls. The latter is due to the shape formed by the water as it falls from a height of 1291 feet. A jagged rock like formation at the middle of the falls splits the water into two which then joins at the bottom. The surrounding scenery is also breath taking which places this waterfall among the top rated falls in the world.

Niagara Falls (USA):- This is one waterfall you would not want to miss for anything in this world. Situated in New York, the Niagara Falls is touted to be the largest waterfall in the world in terms of volume with an incredible average of 7000 cubic centimeters of water per second. A guard rail has been erected over the falls for easy access and the surrounding areas are filled with busy streets buzzing with tourists.

Another attraction of the waterfall is the ferry ride that takes you beneath the falls and through some dangerous rapids.

Angel Falls (Venezuela):- You have got to visit this waterfall which is the tallest uninterrupted fall of a single body of water in the world. A continuous plunge of 2648 feet to Auyan Tepui in between and an additional 100 feet from a steep slope makes this body of water the highest and so has the name “Kerepakupai Merú”, which means “fall from the deepest place” in the local language (Pemon).  The mystical effect of the falls coupled with its natural wildlife surroundings has earned it the name of “Lost World”.

Sutherland Falls (New Zealand):- The Sutherland Falls is clearly the most impressive fall of a single body of water in New Zealand. Located in the Fiordland National Park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, the waterfall is surrounded by wildlife and can be easily accessed by a trek through the Milford Track – one of the best walks in the world.

Augrabies Falls (South Africa):- Originating from the Orange River, the falls measure a span of 4 ½ kilometers and fall from a height of almost 500 feet in some places. The waterfall gets its name from Aukoerebies, a name in the local language of Khoi which means “the place of the Great Noise”. Almost 95% of the water from the river goes over these falls and fills the canyon below completely, even submerging it in the rainy season.

Kaieteur Falls (Guyana):- The sheer sight of this monster and its natural rain forest surroundings will take you by storm. Touted to be one of the remaining areas on earth which has been left to its raw natural beauty, the Kaieteur Falls is located in the Potaro River and falls from a height of 741 feet. Almost as wide as 370 feet, the fall sits right on top of the prehistoric Guyana Shield and is a must visit, not only for its magnificence but also for its civilization free surroundings.

Dettifoss Falls (Iceland):- A trip to Nature’s wonderland is incomplete without a visit to this spectacular waterfall. As wide as 44 meters, the fall collects up to 500 cubic meters of water every second. A favorite with locals and tourists alike, the fall takes its position right at the head of Iceland’s Grand Canyon (called “Jökulsárgljúfur” in the local language), and is surrounded by three other waterfalls in each direction.

Langfoss Falls (Norway):- Situated on the mountains of Hordaland, the Langfoss Waterfall is one of the few natural waterfalls in Norway that have been left untouched by the government which has drained a number of other areas for the purpose of hydroelectricity. An uninterrupted fall from a height of 612 meters into a scenic creek can be viewed from many strategic locations and the beautiful sight cannot be described by words.

Yosemite Falls (USA):- And finally, we pay tribute to the Yosemite Falls situated in sunny California. Among the tallest waterfalls in the world, measuring at a height of 2425 feet, the fall is a major tourist attraction spot in the Yosemite valley and can be easily accessed from various trails and viewpoints dotting the region.

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