Enchanting Amsterdam

amsterdam Overview

Being one of the fifth most admired holiday destinations in Europe, the beautiful city of Amsterdam combines both the old and new worlds. Apart from attracting tourists of all ages, this city even has something special to woo the business persons, who can combine leisure and business at some of its spectacular locales. Amsterdam owes its name to the Dutch word Aemstelledamme, which was given to this city earlier as a dam was constructed on the River Amstel.

When to Visit

Any time between April and September is ideal for visiting this charming city, as summer is the season when all the festivals as well as springtime activities take place. For budget travelers having a shoestring budget, visiting the place between October and early March would be the best bet in order to avail cheaper alternatives for travel and accommodation.

Getting there

You can arrive at Amsterdam sans hassles by air, road or rail as the city is well connected to all major countries and cities across the globe. Visitors coming from the United States can choose from Northwestern Airline, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Martinair, KLM, United Airlines, or US Airways to reach Amsterdam. Budget travelers can avail of cheaper options like Delta or Condor.

Transport facilities

Amsterdam has good public transport systems and you can select trains or trams to travel, which run on time, are inexpensive and available at frequent intervals. However, riding a bicycle and walking are considered to be the best modes of this city’s transport system. You can easily hire bicycles in Amsterdam. Many places even rent one at rates that are reasonably priced. You can also hire cars or taxis but these are too expensive to pay for, especially for a traveler having a shoestring budget.

Sightseeing and Dining out

A wide rage of excellent sightseeing options awaits the tourists in Amsterdam. Some of places that are worth a watch include the Begijnhof, Anne Frank House, Heineken brewery, Artis Zoo, Hortus horticultural gardens, Maritime museum, Rijksmuseum, Amstelkring, Rembrandt’s house, and much more.

As the local Dutch people enjoy dining out, you are sure to get various kinds of international cuisine at this place. However, it is likely that very little of the local Dutch cuisine would be available.