Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle is the 2nd most visited ancient monument in United Kingdom. Nearly one million people visit it every year.

Every tourist, who is in Scotland, should visit this remarkable place of historical interest which was once a former royal residence. It is a remarkable fortress and offers some glorious views of the city. From here you can enjoy the beauty of the old city of Edinburgh with its sea and hills.

The Edinburgh Castle was the seat of the Scottish Kings and the Great Hall has an interesting collection of weapons and armor. The Royal Apartments are a must see and you can even have a glimpse of the tiny room where King James I was born.

The Crown Room has the ancient Honors of Scotland – the Crown, the Sceptre and the Sword of State. The Scottish National War Memorial is very close to the main castle and as you enter the building it will be a moving experience for you.

Edinburgh Castle is most famous for the One O’clock Gun. The gun is fired every day at precisely 1:00 pm so that people can check their clocks and watches for the accurate time. The gun is, however, not fired on Sundays. If you are near the castle during that time, the sound of the gun shot will startle you, no doubt. The world famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo is held in the Castle Esplanade which is a lovely program of music and historical re-enactments. The program takes place under floodlights and draws a large audience.

St Margaret’s Chapel which is present inside the Castle premises is the oldest building in the city of Edinburgh. The building is as old as 900 years and is still standing intact. It is a real achievement considering the amount of sieges and bombardments it was subjected to over the years. This chapel has a great significance in British history and holds a special place among the people of Edinburgh.

Opening Hours and Tickets

The castle opens at 9:30 in the morning and closes at 6:00 in the evening. The castle is open on all days. The tickets for adults would cost ₤14.00 while for children it is ₤8.20. There is free admission for children under the age of 5.