Ecuatorial Guinea Tourism

equatorial guinea tourism Guinea, officially the Republic of Guinea is located in the western part of the African continent .This nation was formerly known as French Guinea.  It is also called Guinea Conakry at times to distinguish from its neighbour. Divided into seven administrative regions Conakry is the capital of the nation.

It is also the largest city and serves as the economic hub of the nation. Guinea has got a population of 10 million and it houses twenty four ethnic groups. The Niger River arises from guinea and runs towards the east. Guinea is one of the smallest nation in Africa that got its independence from France on October 2nd, 1958. When the French occupied Guinea, they named it French West Africa.

The political scenario of Guinea

The political conditions of this nation have always been a disturbed one. From dictator Presidents to unstable Government, Guinea had it all leading to totally shattered economy, flickering GDP and extremely low per capita income. Although Guinea is very rich in natural resources due to the nature of people and Government, industry could not develop over there.

political scenario of Guinea

More than 25 % of the World’s Bauxite reserve is in this nation but almost 90% of the reserve remains unused. Guinea has also got deposits of Gold and other metals as well as produces diamonds. One of the most naturally blessed nations of Africa it has also got great potential to produce hydro electricity. Agriculture employs almost 80% of the nation’s labour force. It has also got 4 billion tones of high grade iron ore reserve.

Equatorial Guinea

Geographically located on the equatorial region of the Earth, Guinea has got a very hot climate. Humidity is also at par with the temperature, but vegetation is somewhat good. There is a sufficient amount of agriculture that happens at Guinea. They produce banana, pineapples, coffee, peanuts and palm oil. Guinea is also a major exporter of all these stuffs.

It contributes a major amount to the GDP of the nation. Recent activists and politicians are realizing the importance of tourism. Tourism is a major way of developing the country’s economy. Sea resorts and major hotels are being set up.

Sea resorts

As well as water sports are adding onto the flavour of it. Hotel industry is also coming up with the SPA industry. Alongside  hydro electricity projects,  amusement water parks are constructed on the storage side of the reservoir.

Apart from that on the hilly region of the nation there is tourism coming up, somewhat like the farm house kind of stuff at the countryside. It also offers a climate bearable to the foreign tourist. But end of the day the leading earner in this sector is from the hotels at the sea side.

Guinea is trying hard to develop this particular industry and slowly they are reaching their goal. In the coming decade guinea is supposed to one of the leading tourism destination in Africa. They are making more and more developments to this industry and sector and hopefully very soon it will match the international standards.