Discover Nature at Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park located in Central California. It is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The park is very large. It is spread over an area of over 1,170 square miles. Travelling to the Yosemite Park is an experience of pristine nature.

The pristine beauty of the park has been passionately maintained over a period of time. There are a lot of attractions in the Yosemite national park. There are waterfalls, Cliffs, wildlife and tree and plants. There are a number of waterfalls in the Yosemite national Park. Yosemite falls is the tallest fall in the region of North America.

The Bridalveil Fall is called so because when wind blows the sideways of the falls, it seems as if it is a bride’s veil. The other falls in the Yosemite national park are the Ribbon Fall, The Illilouette Fall, The Vernal Fall and the Horsetail fall.

There are a number of cliffs in the park. The Yosemite Valley is known for extraordinary rock formations. There are a number of rock formations located in the area such as the Half Dome, Sentinel Rock, El Captain, Mt. Lyell, Mt. Dana, Matterhorn Peak and the Glacier point. All these rock formations are wonderful sights to see. They enrich your experience.

Yosemite is also a place where you can see incredible range of wild life. Some of the endangered or eradicated species can also be found in the park. You can see here the golden eagle, the bighorn sheep, Black bears, Mule deer, the Californian ground squirrel, the grey squirrel, the mountain lions and the marmots.

The birds like Steller’s jay, Raven, dark eyed junco, the owl and the grey falcon can also be seen in this park. For the lovers of skiing, there is the Badger pass skiing area. It’s a perfect holiday destination for the families. It is located in the center of the Yosemite Park.

It’s a perfect place for the families especially in the winter time. A traveler can also engage in a lot of other activities like rock climbing, biking, golfing, bus tours, rafting and water sports.

A visitor will enjoy his trip as the amenities are extremely good. There are a number and types of accommodation available at the park. There are upscale as well as budget hotels available.



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