Dining at the Isdaan Restaurant, Philippines

In today’s competitive world, hotel chains and restaurants are continuously striving to provide unique ideas and attractions to welcome more guests to their venues. With underwater restaurants, flying hotels and cave condos, it is only fitting that the next best hotel would open in outer space.

Forget about hotels. Even restaurants around the world toil to provide something new for diners in terms of the surrounding atmosphere, creative cuisine and prompt service. And if you want to eat at one such different hotel, step into the Isdaan Restaurant in the Philippines.

Located in the Tarlac province of Philippines, “bizarre” is the best word to describe this unique combination of a restaurant and a theme park. The restaurant itself is placed on traditional huts that float on water.

The hotel is scattered with giant Mayan/ Aztec sculptures that resemble monkeys, dinosaurs, humanoids and fishes with small fountains, around which children can play. The floating huts house the dining tables and are also called as “bahay kubos“.

Looking like a set taken right out of an ancient Balinese movie, the restaurant is extremely well kept. Though the surroundings may look kind of childish for some guests, the joint attracts a fair number of diners.

Cuisine: The general cuisine served by the Isdaan Restaurant comprises of traditional Filipino dishes in addition to a variety of sea food, vegetables and grilled dishes. The food is prepared by the renowned Barrio Fiesta group and so guests can expect the food to tasty and hygienic.

Some of the signature meals served at the restaurant include the sinigang soup served in containers made of Bamboo; fresh coconut juice and the traditional Filipino feast which includes traditional Filipino dishes served on top of a large banana leaf with rice served in a container called the kaldero.

You may also not want to miss out on the restaurant’s exceptional variety of squid, pork, fish and chicken dishes. Don’t be surprised if your cook serves the meal himself, dancing all the way to the table.

The theme park within the restaurant: Here’s the highlight of the entire experience at the Isdaan Restaurant. Located within the premises is a special zone that is dedicated for diners who have had an extremely bad day and need to vent out their anger.

There’s a huge wall, called the Tacsiyapo (translates to “Shame on You”) Wall which is filled with words in Filipino, which translate to “corrupt”, “other woman”, “in law” and “gossip” to name a few.

Guests can buy anything on display ranging from a cup, plate, wall clock and flower vase to a fully functional TV set and simply hurl it at the wall, smashing the article to pieces in the process. Only somber guests were given access to the room. However, the entire process has moved on to enable even normal guests to try their hand at wrecking the items, and trying to hurl these objects at specific words on the wall.

If you think that’s all, you are mistaken. The Isdaan Restaurant offers a horde of other interesting activities to keep the entire family entertained. Guests can take part in various games which include “Free the Birds“, where guests can buy birds and release them after making a wish; “Feeding the Fishes”, which involves diners feeding the Koi fishes that swim near the floating huts and the “Sheep Rides” wherein large sheep give carriage rides to children.

Another very popular game in the restaurant is the “San Kilo Bridge Challenge”. Guests are asked to carry two pails of water on both hands, across a narrow bridge, to and fro over the restaurant’s large pond. If the competitor succeeds, he/she is awarded with 1 kilo of fish. There are a fair number of diners who gather around the bridge in the evenings, and try to win the prize. While some succeed, others have to contend with falling into the pond and coming out all wet.

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