Cruise Tours Of The Nile In Egypt

Cruise Tours Of The Nile In Egypt Who would not know about the blue river, Nile? Just as old as the Egyptian civilization itself, this great river is undoubtedly the lifeline of the Egypt.  It is often called the ‘longest flowing river’ in the world. It originates and flows majorly in the northern parts of the continent of Africa.

Almost eleven countries and many small others are fed by its waters. This river was so precious for the earliest settlers, the initiators of the civilization that there are elaborate descriptions made in the then used hieroglyphic codes.

Apart from the immense role it has in flourishing the human civilization, it is also special because of the panoramic excellence it has to offer. A trip to Egypt is definitely incomplete without seeing the Nile valley.

Moreover, it you are planning on for a short trip but still wish to experience the full flavor of the country, a cruise trip on the Blue River is a solution. However, do not take it to be just another ‘ship ride’. Few of the world’s most luxurious cruise liners operate here and give you an experience, which would engrave a special place in your life forever. Few of the best ones are noted below.

Top Three Places, Which Must be There in the Cruise Package

There are several options available before you, which all have somewhat confusing brochures and often give you almost the same services. So what is it that you must search for in your cruise tour package? The essentialities, which you have to have, are top class hospitality and service.

This is not a problem as most of the liners excel in this area. See for the packages, which include free guided tours once you reach your destination. This saves your time and effort. If you have toddlers or children with you it is advisable to go for a cruiser which includes activities specially designed for them. This ensures that they have a blast and you and your partner get quality alone time.

Cruise Tours Nile In Egypt

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Now for the places, which are a must see on a Nile tour are Abu Simbel., the Valley of the King and finally the Karnak temple. These are the absolute picks and should not be missed. Abu Simbel is a world heritage site as declared by the UNESCO and a sacred worship place for the Egyptians.

The body of Tutankhamen, the most famous of the Egyptian Pharaohs is kept in a tomb in the Valley of the King. Tis place with its magic and grandeur is sure to swipe you off your feet. Next stop, the Karnak temple complex is believed to have taken 1000 years to be constructed and is awe striking.

Cruise Liners Operating on The Nile

Now that you have an idea about the various places and the things you must look forward to, it would be apt to discuss about some of the existing cruise packages. Many travel sites and cruising companies give their ads and detailed description of the packages.

You can book online. Mojito Nile cruises, Crown prince Nile cruises, and Omar-El-Khayyam Nile cruises are some of the best ones, which you can opt for. There are standard, deluxe and special packages with varying charges, though all of them take you to the best tourist destinations.

Mojito Nile cruises

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Most of these tours comprise of visits to all the major places and operate all the year round. The Egyptian Nile cruises can be ten days and nights tours or if the Red sea is also included, might be a twelve days trip. They often stop at Cairo, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Kom Ombo, Edfu and many other famous tourist attractions. These operate all the year round but the prices can be high in the peak tourist season.