Cruise Holidays – Useful Tips for First Time Travelers

Planning to go on a cruise this vacation but apprehensive because it’s your first cruise trip? Here are a few pointers you may find useful on your trip.Booking Cruise Packages: The first point you need to make note off while booking a cruise holiday would be the cost of the entire package and the individual entities included in the package. For example, most cruise liners would want you to pre book their onboard activities and land excursions as well. However, you need not do this if you feel you might not want to take part in all these events.

In case you don’t feel like going on a particular excursion, you don’t need to book it. This saves you money and time with which you can do something else. The best way to do this is to book the more important features of the cruise in advance and book the activities and excursions on board at a later stage.

Appropriate Accommodation: You will be surprised to find out that most passengers on a cruise liner happen to be elderly folk with the exception of certain cruises that are meant only for youngsters.

Nevertheless, if you are going as a group of travelers or a family, check for good deals offered by various cruise liners. Some liners offer spacious cabins that can accommodate 5 passengers at the most.

Deals can also be worked out by booking suites that can house the entire group in addition to booking more than one cabin simultaneously (for example; two cabins at the same time), instead of paying for them individually.

The cabins near the deck of the boat tend to get more noise from the on board activities. If you choose an inside room, you can get more sleep as the rooms in this part of the liner are soundproof and are almost pitch black.

Cuisine Arrangements: Most of the cruise liners ask you to book the entire package which includes the rooms, meals, onshore activities and entertainment. However, in recent years, some cruise liners have introduced specialty restaurants on board, that need to be paid for, excluding the main restaurants which offer unlimited meals and drinks.

Room service is free in almost all the cruise ships and you might want to consider the option of ordering meals to your room rather than rushing to the restaurant in time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Appropriate Clothing: A cruise trip is where you can shed your inhibitions of packing light and carry quite a few clothes. The need for this is that you may need to take part in the on board activities in addition to several land excursions.

You may want to have more casual clothes for the excursions but prettier clothes for on board events. So it is better to bring along more than one suitcase with a good number of clothes to fit both occasions.

Keep Things Handy: A good practice is to keep xerox copies of your passport and travel documents in addition to copies of health cards and medical prescriptions. It is also recommended to keep the phone numbers of your debit and credit card handlers with you in case your card gets stolen and you need to block the cards from being used.

Keeping an account of your daily expenses is also considered wise especially if you are paying through a credit card. This enables you to stay within the allotted budget you had planned out prior to the trip.

A small wifi device will come in hand if you want to access the internet on board the ship. Most of the ships offer internet access for a huge price. Instead of shelling out money every time you want to use the internet, you can grab your wifi device and simply walk into a café or restaurant on land that offers free wifi access.

Other need to know facts: The cruises take you through different time zones. Do make sure to recheck the timing in each destination you a stop at. A better option would be check with the ship’s crew about the difference in timing and reset your watches to that particular time zone at each place you stop at.

Ok! Now comes the sad part! The last day of the trip. A sound advice is to have your bags packed early in the morning of the last day as most ships would require you to vacate the rooms in the morning even before the ship docks at the harbor.

Not that they are at fault. The ship’s crew has the responsibility of cleaning the rooms before the next round of passengers board the ship. And that is almost always as soon as you disembark. So the ship needs to make sure everything is properly arranged for the next trip. Not to worry! You can always hang out somewhere else on the boat.

Hope these tips prove really useful on your first cruise. Have a wonderful vacation with lots of fun and frolic as you travel the seas with gusto!


fathima abubakr