Cortona Travel

The Italian town of Cortona is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. The town is truly remarkable because it is surrounded by the rich Tuscany fields and is located on a hilltop. Cortona travel is fascinating because of its abundant tourist attractions and spectacular landscapes.

Cortona’s architecture is comprised of numerous palazzos and churches, along with historical buildings. In Cortona, you will find luxury as well as reasonably-priced hotels suiting all kinds of budgets.

Cortona is home to the finest wines, endless shopping opportunities and gourmet specialties. By going on a Cortona travel, you will be able to experience and enjoy the local culture in all its creative forms.

The town of Cortona is located in the Tuscany region, in Arezzo province of Italy. If you have time, you can also pay a visit to other interesting locations like Perugia, Siena and Florence. Cortona experiences mild winter and warm summer weather.

This beautiful town has several museums, number of fine restaurants and both, luxurious as well as reasonably-priced hotels suiting travelers of all category.

Most hotels in Cortona have excellent facilities and services like swimming pools, gardens, restaurants and bars. There are also a number of private cottages and villas which serve as alternatives to hotels.

Cortona travel includes exploration of historic sights, relics, palaces, churches and other important buildings.  The evident marks of the civilizations of the past can be clearly seen on town’s walls.

Some of the most visited places in Cortona include the fascinating museums which have artifacts from the Renaissance, Roman and Etruscan era. They include the Etruscan Academy, the Farneta Abbey Museum and Cortona –

The town of Cortona is renowned for its musical, cultural, gastronomy, art, theatrical and wine festivals that take place throughout the year. The Tuscan Sun Festival is the most famous one, because it includes the finest musicians from all over the world who perform and entertain the crowd every summer.

The Archidado festival celebrates traditional festive activities and is one that you don’t want to miss. Cortona is also well-known for its delicious cuisine, variety of restaurants and abundant shopping opportunities.