Choose from the Best Theme Parks in the World

waltdisney Planning to take your kid to a theme park? Make sure the park you plan to visit has attractions that suit the age of your kids. It would be an uncomfortable situation if your kids are teens and you end up in an amusement park that caters to small kids, or if your kids are adolescents and you take them to a park that has wild rides meant for adults.

Here are a few amusement parks, the best in the world, that you could choose from to have that perfect theme park vacation.

Cedar Point (United States):- Located on the peninsular of Lake Erie in the town of Ohio, Cedar Point has the reputation of being the most famous of all the parks in the world, and is one among the three attractions (Soak City Water Park and Challenge Park) of a resort.

Voted as the best amusement park 10 years in a row, it has the largest collection of roller coasters as well as the largest number of rides in any amusement park in the world. There is a specific kiddie’s area with the latest addition being Planet Snoopy. Combined with enthusiastic rides and friendly staff, this park is a must see attraction.

Walt Disney (United States):- Consists of four renowned Disney Theme Parks, two of the best entertainment, shopping and dining districts in Florida, and activities ranging from relaxing spas to golf and fun filled Water Parks. A great range of hotels provide the perfect abode for an overnight if needed.

There’s something for everyone from toddlers to adults who can enjoy in retail therapy, high speed thrills or sunbathing.

SeaWorld Orlando: – The world’s premier marine adventure park, this amusement park is a must see for sea loving kids. There is a Dolphin Cove which is home to a group of bottle nose dolphins and contains naturalistic coral reef.

It is also possible to spot polar bears, walruses, and whales.The park is also home to the only floorless roller coaster in Orlando.

Europa Park (Germany):- One of the most standard parks in the world, this family oriented park has wonderful looping coasters, large flat rides, shows and exhibits that would keep you glued to your seats.

Six Flags Magic Mountain (United States):- Situated in the state of California, this park is magical in every way for its coasters and is perched on top of a hill. The surrounding terrain is aptly used by the roller coasters with the “Revolution” being one of the best landscaped rides in recent times.

The large collection of white knuckle coasters has earned this park the titles “Xtreme Park” and “Rambo of Amusement Parks”.

Universal Studios (United States):- Situated in Los Angeles and home to the first ever roller coaster that plunges you forward and backward in darkness, Universal Studios is one amusement park you would never want to miss. Dedicated to Hollywood, this park showcases sensory rides, attractions and shows of your favorite movies.

Thorpe Park (United Kingdom):- Located in Chertsey, Surrey, this amusement park has the world’s only 10 looping coaster and Europe’s fastest roller coaster (Intamin Accelerator) among other attractions.

Best for those in search of thrills, the park also operates the Nemesis Inferno – which is touted to be one of the most exhilarating roller coaster rides in the world inclusive of a volcanic theme and related effects.

Islands of Adventure (United States):- Situated in Florida, IOA has brought a new meaning to the word “theme park”. The entire park has been used beautifully, not wasting a single space, and is divided into 6  themed lands which include Port of Entry, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park the Lost Continent and Seuss Landing.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg (United States):- One of the most famous parks in America, it is situated in Florida. Winner of a number of awards which include the Golden Ticket Awards for Best Food, Cleanest Park and Best Landscaping, the park is divided into 9 lands with different themes based on European countries, Ireland being the latest.Each of these lands consists of heritages that belong to that specific culture along with various shops, restaurants and rides.

Legoland (United States):- Situated in sunny California, this theme park is dedicated to Lego fans around the world. Famous for its fantastic rides, puppet show and stunt show, the park also provides workshops and world famous landmarks built from Lego.

Enjoy the thrill of the new Jungle Roller Coaster and renowned figures built from Lego, drive life sized Lego vehicles or build your own vehicles and structures from Lego.

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