Cheapest Days To Fly

Cheapest Days To Fly Nowadays everybody wants to fly to their destination and thereby save a few crucial hours. But people who are keen on traveling by air to their destinations are also interested in saving a lot on their air tickets. They always want the best deal for their trip.If you are a frequent flyer then you must know the dates when the tickets are cheapest. You can save a lot if you book your flight tickets on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. It is a known fact that the most expensive days to fly are the weekends and Monday. The airlines always try to fill their seats during the mid-week. The prices of the seats are revised and as soon as one airline slashes its rates, the others follow the same pattern.

It is believed that the cheapest dates to book tickets and/or fly are Tuesday and Wednesday. However, you must keep certain other factors in mind. The secondary factors would be the destination, the airline policy regarding the revision of the fares and flexibility in dates. There are some tricks too, which you can apply, that are discussed here to help you get the best deal on airline tickets.

Best Day

Don’t just blindly believe that Tuesdays and Wednesday are the best days to fly or book tickets. You need to understand the logic behind this. Many people spend their weekends and return on Mondays. The airline starts revising the fares from Monday evening onwards. Owing to stiff competition each and every airline follows this policy. So by Tuesday afternoon all revision takes place and you are ready to cash in on the low fare bonanza!

Cheapest Days To Fly

Best Time

By now you know the best days to book tickets. But what is the best time? The airlines usually finish reviewing their fares by 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. So you can get these low fare tickets after 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. If you are an adventurous-type then you can wait till Wednesday morning as there is always an outside chance of further reduction of fares depending upon the passenger traffic from Monday evening onwards.

Best Flight

The flight fare will also depend on the kind of flight that you choose. If you are aiming for the lowest fares, then choose a flight that is not preferred by others. A ‘red eye’ flight is really good option in case you want to get the best deals on the airfares. So you need to adjust your tastes and preferences and you will surely get a god deal.

Cheapest Days To Fly

Fare Watching

Travel websites like Travelocity and Orbitz offer a service known as ‘fare watcher’. You just need to type in the pair of destination and you will get notifications in email as soon as the fare goes down. But, as you can understand, you need to check your inbox regularly and take quick action. When travel websites like Travelocity sends you a mail in the ‘fare watcher’ service, there will be a link in the mail itself to book the lowest fares for that particular airline. Since the seats are limited you need to rush a little bit

When you are booking international flights always book at least 30 days in advance and when you are purchasing tickets for domestic airlines, book the tickets at least 7 – 21 days in advance. Always choose round trip tickets as one-way tickets tend to be more expensive and are not money-saving at all.