Caribbean Cruises – Lure of the Sea

One of the most wonderful ways to have a great vacation is to hit the breathtaking hotspots in the sunny Caribbean. Set sail on a luxurious ship that cruises through the heavenly blue waters of the Caribbean Sea punctuated occasionally with charming islands. Stop over there and enjoy the amazing white sandy beaches and the warm hospitality of the local people.

Caribbean cruise tour operators offer different itineraries. These are all excellent combination of incredible cruise vacation and land tour of exotic islands. Select one that suits you.

First-time cruise travelers tend to select a 7-day tour of either Eastern or Western Caribbean cruise. Both are good and provide ample opportunities for sailing, swimming and basking in the sun. Both are relatively close to North America and cruise operators usually offer attractive discounts to entice sun-seeking Americans in winter. Have a cursory glance at both itineraries and then make up your mind.

Eastern Caribbean cruises embark from Florida and touch ports like St Thomas, St Maarten, San Juan, Tortola, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. These islands are fairly close to each other, surrounded by pristine beaches and offer excellent facilities to travelers.

Western Caribbean cruises start from Florida, New Orleans or Texas and follow an itinerary that often include the mainland like Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica or large islands like Jamaica and Dominican Republic. This route offers an excellent opportunity to explore archaic Mayan ruins, many waterfalls and vast expanses of rainforests.

You will have a wonderful cruising experience whichever route you take. Cruise ships are luxury resorts floating on high seas. They offer you a variety of onboard facilities like entertainment, recreational activities and delectable dining options in an elegant ambience with breathtaking views of the sea.

After enjoying the magnificent views of the setting sun from the deck, listen to a live band and dance to your favorite tune or go to a bar or disco and have a few drinks.

Most cruise ships have features like casino, spa, fitness center, shops, theatre and cinema. Some ships have bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, and tennis and basketball courts.

The Caribbean Sea is so wonderful and the ports of call are such exotic places that you will thoroughly enjoy whichever route you select. There are also Southern and Northern Caribbean cruises! But we prefer not to confuse you and, therefore, aren’t tempting you yet about those itineraries.

These cruise ships are determined to pamper you so much that you may not like to disembark when your journey ends!