California Attractions

California, the third largest state in the United States has a number of attractions. The state also has the distinction of being the most populous in the country. It is a truly amazing experience to visit this amazing state.

Also visit to the place is a delight because of the facilities available in California. The state has the largest network of state highways. Driving on these highways through the state is a real pleasure.

A visitor to the state can have different ideas while traveling to California. There can be any number of reasons to visit the state. There are great national parks such as the Joshua National Park. The Yosemite is a great place for rock climbers and hikers.  Nepa Valley has some wonderful restaurants.

Some of the finest places to visit in California include the Hearst Castle and the Disneyland. The theme parks, the beaches, Sierra Nevada’s tallest peak, Mt. Whitney, The Redwood trees, the coastline and The Death Valley.

This list is too small; there are many other attractions which makes California top in the wish list of any traveler.

California is also a home to America’s entertainment. Much of the music and the entertainment industry is based in California. There are a great number of exquisite resorts in California.

California also offers a great night life. It’s also famous for various gastronomical delights. There are many restaurants offering specialty food.

If you are a lover of marine life a visit to the Long Beach is suggested. ‘The Long Beach’ is one of the cities in California. It has a great aquarium.

A great number of species are on display here. The architecture of the place is such that it gives a feeling of ocean.

Over 12000 species of marine animals which include whales, dolphins, rays, eleven classes of sharks, and skates such as the manta rays, birds, sea turtles and bears.

Also you can have a look at more than 58 species of coral. It’s a great place to know about marine life. There is a harbor shuttle to take you through the aquarium.

California has many other delights for a traveler. It will definitely give a high to your senses.



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