Caceres – An Enchanting Spanish City

Caceres is a sprawling and bustling Spanish city that holds a pleasant surprise for tourists. In the heart of this enigmatic metropolis is hidden an enchanting Old Town that would take you back to the medieval times.

Take a walk along its narrow cobblestone streets with elegant stone arches positioned at frequent intervals. Walk past beautiful and mostly deserted mansions with graceful facades where old noble families seldom live any longer. UNESCO was so impressed with the Old Town that it granted this area the status of a World Heritage Site.

The modern part of Caceres is so densely built up that you cannot even see any of the Moorish towers until you reach the Plaza Mayor after passing through several narrow streets. Here you will confront the 12th century protective wall, also built by the Moors over an earlier Roman construction. It once encircled what was then the entire city of Caceres and now is known as the Old Town.

Walk through one of the magnificent gates and you will get the first views of the Old Town with its numerous towers. Climb up the tallest Torre del Bujaco tower and enjoy breathtaking views of the historic city center.

The old part of the city that looks so dreamlike and mysterious now had a turbulent history of fights between the local Christians and occupying Moors who ruled many parts of southern Spain in medieval times.

The diverse characteristics of Christian and Islamic architecture have left their marks on the city’s old buildings, making the city look interesting, colorful and absolutely enchanting.

The ambiance of the old-world charm is so overwhelming in the Old Town that you would wish there were still those medieval minstrels showing off their skills in performing arts and folk music at one of the roadside little plazas!

Call in at the Tourism Office during your city tour and pick up some latest information on local events. It is housed in the Casa De Carvajal, once owned by the powerful Carvajal family that is also a tourist attraction. There is a fig tree in the central patio that is believed to a thousand years old.

Caceres is pretty compact and is also quite small. With a rich collection of historical relics it looks like an open-air museum. You will enjoy more by exploring it on foot.

Caceres offers a wide selection of accommodation such as budget, tourist, bed and breakfast, luxury and furnished apartments. The tariff for a night’s stay fluctuates between Euros 55 and 80. Check through the Net about details of these hotels.