Cable Beach, Bahamas

A visit to the Bahamas is never complete without visiting one of the most popular beaches in the world. Called Cable Beach, this particular stretch of powder soft sandy shoreline is situated in the capital city of Nassau.

Frequented by many celebrities from around the world, the waterfront of Cable Beach is lined with several upscale resorts, eateries, hotels and casinos, thus making the beach a popular hangout for the more elite crowd. But if you think that the place is fit only for the high and sundry, you will be surprised to find that the area also houses several budget conscious hotels and restaurants that offer great deals for visitors.

History: What is today a world famous coast was once practically unknown to the world. In the year 1907, the Trans Atlantic Cable company chose the beach as the proper mooring point for the cable that connected Bahamas with mainland America. Thus the beach gained importance and also got its name in the process.

Location: The beach is located along the West Bay Beach in Nassau and there are plenty of cabs and taxis that provide transportation to the beach. Driving to the beach is not an issue and there won’t be a single person there who does not know the location.

The beach is also conveniently located close to the Nassau International Airport and visitors can reach the area within 10 minutes by car.

Areas around the beach: Besides being a beautiful beach for beach combers and families to explore, the areas around Cable Beach are almost always bustling with activities and celebrations. The beach is located close to some of the most luxurious hotels on the island in addition to also being situated close to several casinos, discos, nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Another reason celebrities and tourists flock to the Cable Beach is the friendly attitude of the locals. Always welcoming and extremely helpful, the Bahamians understand the importance of the country’s tourism industry and hence strive to make sure that guests to the island and the beach enjoy their holiday to the maximum.

Aptly called a home away from a home, Cable Beach offers a splendid area for families, friends and honeymooning couples to relax in and enjoy the sun. There are plenty of secluded spots on the beach for love struck couples. And kids are not to be left out on the fun as the beach offers plenty of activities for them too.

Activities: There are hordes of activities to enjoy at Cable Beach and everyone can have his/her share of fun in the water. Some of the more popular activities include water skiing. Jet skiing, sailing, surfing, parasailing, island hopping, wind surfing, diving, fishing, banana boat riding and glass bottom boating.

A few quick tips for cost cutting: If you are planning to visit Cable Beach and are afraid of the cost, here are a few quick tips you may find helpful when planning your vacation.

Try visiting the beach during the non peak season. We know it would be hard to find a few days ahead of, or after the holidays but this would practically be the best way to scoop up great deals and promotional offers that come up at this time.

As mentioned earlier, it is not completely necessary that you stay only in luxury hotels or upscale condos. There are several hotels and seaside lodges that provide comfortable accommodation in addition to several restaurants that provide delicious meals at very reasonable prices. For those who can survive throwing some money around, we recommend a suitable blend of both classes.

It’s a vacation you are not likely to forget for a lifetime. With so much to do, so many places to go to and so many people to meet, your vacation at the Cable Beach can easily be one of the best holidays you ever had. Plan a visit today and who knows? You may bump into one of your favorite celebrities. And if you do, don’t forget to get an autograph and a picture!


fathima abubakr