Brandenburg – An Enchanting Region in Germany

Surrounding the bustling city of Berlin – but not including it – is the fedral state of Brandenburg. Unlike Germany’s vibrant national capital, Brandenburg is a quiet region with many lakes and waterways, vast expanses of pristine landscapes dotted with orchards and picturesque tranquill hamlets.

Brandenburg is a land of great towns of historical and cultural importance such as Potsdam which is Berlin’s closest neighbor and comparable in many ways with France’s Versailles. The First World War ended when theTreaty of Versailles was signed.

After Germany’s defeat in the Second World War the Big Three allied leaders met at a conference at occupied Potsdam for redrawing the European map. At the end of both the wars the victors met at majestic royal places in ceremonial cities very close to their respective national capitals.

Potsdam is Brandenburg’s regional capital and is famous for its 14th century Gothic Church of St James and the Town Hall that was built a century later surrounded by many elegant medieval houses.

Marvel at the sight of Potsdam’s magnificent Sanssouci Palace with its beautiful fountains and walk along the tree-lined boulevard that leads to the opulent New Palace. No wonder why German Kings and Kaisers chose this city as their imperial residence.

For its historical monuments and cultural ambience, UNESCO included Potsdam in the list of World Heritage site. Potsdam is now considered one of the most magnificant cities in Europe.

The Spree Forest is another region in Brandenburg that also won a UNESCO trophy as a protected conservation area. It is affectionately called the Venice of Brandenburg where several small islands are linked together by waterways. A trip through these amazing riverside landscapes, starting out from one of the sleepy villages,  is an unforgettable experience. But instead of a gorgeous venecian gondolla, an humble wooden punt will take you for the joy ride!

Brandenburg is the oldest town of the federal state with a history that goes back to the 6th century when the Slavs settled near the 12th century Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul. Other important monuments are 14th century St Jacob’s Chapel and St Katherine’s Church.

There are many accommodation options available in all these historic towns. Traveler can get all types of hotels, from affordable family hotels to the most luxurious. Potsdam offers a wider choice and all categories of accommodation are comparatively cheaper here than in other towns in this region.

Being a suburb of Berlin metropolis, there is considerable demand for accommodation here. Browse through the Internet and see the accommodation scenario here.  Some travelers, especially those with families, prefer to rent an apartment or a holiday home and use it as a base for exploring this picturesque region.

Most towns in Brandenburg have their own culinary and drinks specialties. They all enjoy whatever they consume. Most locals prefer to drink beer and their favorite is Kyritz’s Mord und Totschlag which literally means “blood and thunder”.

This tranquill and picturesque region of Brandenburg with its natural and man-made wonders is a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday.