Best of Kenyan Safari

A trip to the African nation of Kenya will give you a wonderful safari adventure and loads of photographic memories. The photographs of your Kenyan adventure will hold a special place for you.

The wildlife in this country will definitely impress you. In fact, there are several African countries that offer safari adventure but you need to make an informed choice as the safety factor is a big issue here.

There are a number of countries that have political turmoil and are far from being a stable country. it is best to avoid these disturbed countries.

You should have a clear idea about the0things that needs to be packed for a wildlife adventure. If you have been a Boy Scout or a Girl Guide in your school days, then you probably have some idea about it.

There are some basic things that need to be packed right away such as the snake kit, knife, fire kit, rope and basic medicines to dispel any sort of allergies. The tent and backpack should be kept as light as possible. Following the adventure trail should be your topmost priority.

A heavy backpack will make you feel tired and you may miss the key moments in your wildlife safari. Always travel light so that you make the most of out of your Kenyan safari as these tours don’t come everyday.

You should make a wise choice regarding your equipment and the camera. If the camera is too heavy then leave it at home and go for something that is light yet powerful. So the best solution could be the digital camera.

But you may not get a chance to recharge the batteries. So you should carry a pair of fully charged batteries and/or a pair of solar batteries. You can even opt for a camera that runs on dry cells.

You should always remember that moving in front of bears and snakes means attracting danger. These animals have a habit of marking their territories so try to give them the minimum respect. It is not possible to get quick medical help in a safari, so always play safe. Try to take the help of professionals and government approved guides when going for a safari.