Best Nightclubs In Bangkok

Deemed as one of Asia’s centers for modern avenues of entertainment, Bangkok is the place to be right now. It has everything from a great life music scene, sweet bars, dancing places, culinary restaurants, jazz bars as well as some authentic blues clubs.

In addition to all of that there are also the night clubs which are loved by everyone including the locals as well as the travelers that come to this great city to have some fun. Everything from beers to great food and nice dancing tunes is found at the nightclubs in Bangkok.

Bonus Of These Nightclubs Here

The drinks are great here and there is always there to take an order for the drinks of your choice. Furthermore, the girl to guy ratio at the nightclubs here is great and there is always some fun company around.

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The drinks are always cheap and they flow like streams and rivers and even the food is fantastic and will leave your taste buds tingling. Take a break from your dancing and have some drinks and then when you’re done drinking go back to dancing at the nightclubs in Bangkok!


This nightclub is located in the Silom area and happens to be one of the most sought after ones. There will be many Thai girls that you can meet there who just want to have a good time.

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Also, the drinks are priced very well and you can get almost any kind of alcohol here, whatever suits you. This place is highly recommended as even the staff is incredibly helpful and all they want to do is keep you happy while you’re over there.

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Bed Superclub

It does not matter if this your first visit to the city of Bangkok or if you have been here before, it is very obvious that you might have heard of the Bed Superclub at some point or another. It first started in the year 2002 and has been declared by one of the best nightclubs in Bangkok by many critics and visitors alike.

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This is one of the best venues and the most beautiful Thai girls are sighted here. A fun night with lots of dancing with good food and alcohol can be expected over here. Enjoying is easy here as there is a lot of room to love about.

Q Bar

What do you do when you want to visit a nightclub that looks like it is from New York? You visit the Q Bar. IT has great interiors with a classy touch and it matches well with the international standards of clubbing. It is known to draw a large number of people and having fun is the norm at this nightclub.

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The food is truly amazing here and acts like the perfect break in between the beer as well as the different alcoholic shots that you might be having. Even the music here is very modern and something that you will be pleased to listen to. Be sure to have a great time here.