Barcelona Festival: Ideal Occasions To Visit The City

Barcelona is one of the most colorful cities in the world. However, its color and beauty take up a stunning dimension during various festivals that the city holds. Apart from the fun and excitement, these festivals also bring home the unique features of the Catalonian culture. So, if you are planning a trip to this amazing city, schedule it during Barcelona festival. You will know the city and its people better.

When you are talking about Barcelona festival, you can’t ignore Festes de la Merce. Held around 24th of September, this festival is the most important one in the city. The preparation starts quite early, and the festival involves a lot of activities including music, precessions, fireworks, and castellers forming human towers.

Sonar festival, another important Barcelona festival, is held in mid June every year. This three day long festival is described as the festival of music and multimedia art. During the day, tourists can check out the technology fairs, while at night music takes the center stage.

The next important festival in Barcelona is the Festa Major de Gracia. This is a week-long festival held in Gracia where full scale party, music, drinking and fireworks let the people go wild. This is one of the typical Catalonian celebrations, which is generally held in the middle of august. The celebration goes on day in and out.

On 23rd April every year, the entire Barcelona pays tribute to St. George, the patron saint of the city. You will find numerous book stalls and flower market in Ramblas Barcelona. On this Dia de Sant Jordi, men and women also remember St. Valentine and Cervantes respectively.

Precisely two months after this, Barcelona indulges in Festival de Sant Joan. People head down to the beaches of Barcelona to celebrate the beginning of summer. Plus, of course, you will see fireworks and bonfires on the beaches at night.

Another important Barcelona festival is the Grec Arts festival. Starting from the end of June, this event goes on for more than a month. It is the biggest festival of theatre, dance, and music in Barcelona.

Finally, there is the La Diada. This festival has a melancholic mood as the event commemorates the fall of the city in the War of Spanish Succession in the year 1714. In fact, this is the war that reduced the supremacy of Catalonia.