Barbados Travel

Barbados has got a number of eye catching attractions. It is also one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.There are a number of activities you can take part in Barbados. Some of the most popular activities in Barbados is sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming and horse riding.

Swimming with turtle trips is one of the favorite among the visitors to Barbados. The place has got hawksbill and letherback sea turtles. Swimming in the calm waters along with these turtles can be a great experience for the visitors. The best way to enjoy this is to book a trip.

These turtles are protected under the law. Therefore be careful not to harm these turtles while you are swimming along with these lovely creatures. You need to follow the instructions given by the tour guide so that you do not harm these turtles.

Another top attraction in Barbados is the limestone cave which is located in the central uplands.The cave is 2.3 kilometers long. It’s a pleasant journey inside the cave. There are numerous caverns, lakes and waterfalls which makes the journey inside the cave very pleasant.

There are electric trams as well inside the cave. The tour guides will talk you about the various attractions of the cave. You can also shoot photographs as the tram stops at various places in the cave. One of the popular stops on the tour is the Great Hall. The other important viewing can be the cavern and the waterfall.

Another top attraction in Barbados is the tour of Atlantis submarine. There are beautiful coral reefs and exotic sea life on view in the submarine. It’s a great underwater adventure.  If you are looking for an underwater tour in Barbados then the submarine tour comes as the best option.

Another top attraction is the Barbados Museum. The museum is a good place where you can get to know about the past history and culture of Barbados. Therefore a history enthusiast can go to the place and discover the past treasures of the area.Barbados is also popular because of its great beaches. It’s a great place for a beach vacation.



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