Attractions of Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a place which is full of attractions and it is very difficult to pack in all the spots if you have a 3-day schedule. There are a few ‘must see’ attractions which one should never miss while on a trip to Bournemouth. The first and foremost attraction would be the beaches of Bournemouth. The beaches are considered to be the best in British Isles.

The white sands and the waters are mesmerizing and they are a real feat for the eyes. The beaches will provide a great opportunity for the photos. You can spend time on the beach, rent a chalet or just relax on the deck chair. The only downside is that the beaches are over-crowded.

One of the most popular landmarks is the Bournemouth Pier. If the weather permits, you can go for a boat excursion. The ferry will travel around the Bournemouth Bay and you can tour the Brownsea Island.

The pier has an excellent view of the coastline. The Brownsea Island has become very popular nowadays and the most interesting spot are the ruins of an old castle which was used during the English Civil War. The place is a treat for bird lovers.

Bournemouth is famous for a number of beautiful chines and the most noteworthy among them are Boscombe, Alum and Durley Chines. The Chines have a few hiking trails including the famous Cherry Tree Path. While in Bournemouth, don’t miss the Christchurch Priory.

It is a former Augustinian Priory. It is located between two rivers, Avon and Stour. The church is an excellent example of medieval workmanship. The visitors can get a beautiful view of the countryside from the top of the church. The Grave of Ann Pugin is also a beautiful tourist spot.

If you drive 40 min east of Bournemouth then you will reach Highcliffe Castle. The castle is a beautiful rendition of Norman stonework. Colorful gardens surround the castle which makes the place look really scenic and the visitors will get a breathtaking view of the Isle of Wight.

Just drive to the opposite direction, 30 min west of Bournemouth, and you will come to Clouds Hill. This is the former home of T.E.Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia.