Artistic Indulgences in New York

Have you ever heard about the open-air art museum!! Visit New York and you will see one. The art sculptures are scattered across the city in New York. Apart from the museums present in New York, the art work in New York makes it the art capital of United States.

New York City is full of fabulous art pieces which are just waiting to be explored. Every nook and corner of the city is occupied by an art sculpture. World famous “Statue of Liberty” is not the only one in NYC to be admired. “Atlas” at Fifth Ave is one magnificent sculpture which is really worth looking. Art lovers can actually spend one entire week exploring the nitty-gritty’s and intricacies of these art works. “Taxi” is one art sculpture which is unusual and draws the attention of the onlookers. It was built by J. Seward Johnson and is situated in Park Ave.

Port Authority Bus Terminal do not attract crowd just because it’s a popular bus terminal, the sculpture “Commuters” situated there is also one major reason of visit of art lovers. The central park at Conservatory Water is favourite spot of children because of cartoon statue present there, the “Alice in Wonderland” made by Jose de Creeft. Other famous statues in the park are “Cat” and “Lions” by Fernando Brotero and Edward Clark Potter respectively. In total, New York has almost 300 sculptures which are permanent. Not to mention, all of these are excellent pieces of art providing great learning to the amateur artisans.

Madison Square Park is heaven for art lovers. It always displays exquisite pieces of art all year round. Moreover, the pieces displayed here keeps on changing. So, an art lover should make it a point to visit the Madison Square on every visit to New Year. There are various organisations which run art in park concept in NYC. Also, visit New York Botanical Garden to view beautiful statuette. The beauty of flora mingled with the statuette increases the beauty many folds. Wave Hill garden is also a place to be visited for divine art figures.