An Insight Into Some Bangladeshi Monuments

bangladesh monumentsBangladesh, a country known fort is rich cultural heritage, remarkable history and wonderful people is a fascinating nation. However, the image of this beautiful country has been mostly marred by political instability, natural disasters and poverty.

A developing nation in South East Asia, a lot of people staying in this country suffer from abject poverty. But, this has not stopped its growth and stands proudly with the other nations of the world. Initially, it was a part of India and later, after India’s independence in 1947, it was known as East Pakistan.

However, Bangladeshis are known for their fighting spirit and never say die attitude. It was this attitude that led to their freedom struggle and was eventually liberated as an independent nation in 1971.  If you wish to explore the history and tradition of Bangladesh, a visit to the monuments is a must. Here is a list of monuments in Bangladesh.

Jatiyo Smriti Soudho

Bangladesh pays a lot of tribute to its martyrs and have several monuments dedicated to the brave soldiers and heroes who fought for the country. The Jatiyo Smriti Soudho is also one of those monuments that have been built in the memory of the soldiers who participated in the 1971 war of independence that liberated the country from the clutches of Pakistan.

Also called the National Martyr’s Memorial, this monument is located in Savar, a town close to Dhaka. Work on this monument was started immediately after independence in 1972 but it took 10 years to be completed.

jatiyo smriti soudho

In order to make the Jatiyo Smriti Soudho or National Martyr’s Memorial a landmark monument, design competitions were held in the country. Finally, architect Syed Mainul Hossain’s design was approved and it was shaped like a triangle. The monument consists of 7 isosceles triangular Pyramid like structures with the central triangle being the tallest one.

Apart from this triangular structure, the monument also has an artificial lake. Mass graves have also been dug up in front of this historical Bangladeshi structure.

Shaheed Minar

Bangladeshis are proud people and absolutely love to flaunt their nationality. And an integral part of their patriotic feel resides in their love for the mother tongue, Bengali. No other country in the world has witnessed wars for the right to speak the native language.

But, Bangladesh has proved to the world that they can do anything to earn prominence for their mother tongue. During Pakistani rule, Bangladeshis demanded that their mother tongue be given equal status with Urdu and this was being denied by Pakistan. What resulted was a fierce battle between Bangladeshi youth, mostly students, and the Pakistani armed forces.

shaheed minar of bangladesh

In 1952, scores of students and activists were killed during the Language demonstration and to commemorate their sacrifice for the national language, a monument called the Shaheed Minar was constructed. The Shaheed Minar stands testimony to the fact that Bangladeshis would never succumb to pressure.

As a result, this monument in Dhaka is chosen as a special place for celebrating various national events and cultural activities. It is also one of the most visited places in Bangladesh and tourists flock to this place to witness the bravery of students who fought for their language.

Shabash Bangladesh

Another famous monument in Bangladesh, Shabash Bangladesh was built in the memory of the martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Shabash Bangladesh

The monument consists of a renowned sculpture made by Nitin Kundu and has been placed inside the Rajshahi University. This too stands testimony to the bravery and courage of the Bangladeshis.

Martyred Intellectuals Memorial

Martyred Intellectuals Memorial too is a monument built in the memory of martyrs who were killed by the Pakistani Armed forces. This monument was constructed in Boddhobhumi at Rayer Bazaar. Initially, this place was known for its pottery business. But, the night of 14th December 1971 changed the history of this place forever.

Martyred Intellectuals Memorial

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On this deadly night, Bangladesh’s renowned intellectuals including professors, writers, journalists, artists, engineers and doctors were abducted from Dhaka and inhumanly slaughtered at various torture cells around the city. Later their dead bodies were dumped at Boddhobhumi. To remember their sacrifice, the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial was constructed after Bangladesh regained its independence.

Ahsan Manzil

The palace of Ahsan Manzil at Dhaka has become famous for its fine architecture and breathtaking design. Better known as the Rang Mahal, this structure has been made with pink stone and was the residence of the Nawab of Dhaka.

For years, the palace belonged to the royal family and changed hands, generation after generation. Its lovely pink stone façade, beautifully created domes and a fascinating view of the adjoining Buriganga River make it an amazing palace.

Ahsan Manzil

Though, the palace has been ravaged by nature’s fury, time and again, it has regained its glory after several renovations. At present, it is under the control of the Bangladesh National Museum and is one of the famous tourist attractions of Bangladesh. It is now open for tourists and you can enjoy beautiful pieces of art at the palace museum.

Dhakeswari National Temple

Though, predominantly an Islamic country, Bangladesh is also home to many Hindus. And one of the most prominent places of Hindu worship in Bangladesh is the Dhakeswari National Temple.

dhakeshwari national temple

This monument is an old structure that boasts of excellent architecture and beautiful designs. Situated in Old Dhaka, it is a favoured tourist spot for devotees as well as global travellers. If you visit this famous temple, you’ll certainly be overwhelmed with the aura surrounding this place.

Suhrawardy Udyan

Another famous monument in Dhaka is the Suhrawardy Udyan. It is not only the resting place of three of Bangladesh’s most prominent leaders, Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, the person after whom the monument has been named, Sher-E-Bangla A.

Suhrawardy Udyan

K. Fazlul Huq and Khwaja Nazimuddin, it was also a military club for the British soldiers. This monument also draws a lot of tourist attention.

The monuments in Bangladesh are true symbols of the proud and patriotic nature of its people. The country believes in remembering its heroes and never forgets to commemorate their sacrifices. And this feeling can be largely witnessed when you visit the various national monuments of Bangladesh.


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