An Evening in Macau

Macau has emerged as a major center for entertainment. Bars and nightclubs are flourishing.

Their owners are prospering, the government is earning more revenue and patrons of these joints are having a good time. Everybody is happy in this oriental Las Vegas.

The frenzied pace of Macao’s eclectic nightlife keeps the revelers addicted to merrymaking activities all night. The city never sleeps. Bars, pubs, restaurants and casinos are never too far from wherever you are staying in the city. Macau is the place to revel.

Macau’s entertainment zone stretches along the Avenida Sun Yat Sen, an avenue named after the great Chinese revolutionary. Because of its wonderful location, facing the Outer Harbor and the River Pearl, this area has become a bustling entertainment center.

Crowds of people come here in the evening for amusement and watch live shows performed by dancers, singers, musicians and acrobats. The language isn’t a problem here, the ambience is very cosmopolitan.

In some bars in hip hotels like Landmark, Holiday Inn, Emperor, Waldo, Lan Kwai Fong and Weslin live bands often play music at clients’ request.

Taipa, connected to the rest of Macau by three bridges, has many wonderful restaurants, mostly of Portuguese origin. Food and drinks are excellent. There are some lively pubs in the backstreets that tourists love to frequent because they are so good.  Taipa’s main attraction now is the recently opened Venetian Macau.

The Venetian Macau excels in pampering customers with its various features like eating, drinking, gambling and shopping – not necessarily in that order. The Belini Lounge in this place offers free drinks to female guests between 8 PM and 1 O’clock in the morning.

Macau also has a Jockey Club where nighttime races are held when the weather isn’t too hot or humid. There are many bars and pubs in the vicinity frequented often by punters. There is also a karaoke bar where horserace addicts go to drown their sorrows – or joys sometimes – depending on the performance of their chosen horse.

Macau, however, is different from Las Vegas. Nightlife here has a different hue. Squandering money isn’t fashionable here, nor is the snobbish satisfaction of being seen with the rich and famous. People mostly come here to enjoy – and also win, if possible. An evening out in Macau could be truly enthralling.