An active holiday at the Candili Estate, Greece

candili-greece What would it be like to take a week off from work and then have heads turning your way when you go back? Well, that’s exactly what the Candili Estate in Greece promises you. A week long stay the Estate is sure to make those extra calories and fat disappear and you will end up looking like a Greek god.

Operated by the Sparta Fitness Holidays center, the Candili Estate is a 10000 acre facility situated in the Europa Island in Greece. Able to accommodate up to 25 people, the fitness center chalks out a strict exercise regime for guests to follow all week.

Located smack in the middle of the pine forests of Northern Euroba, the estate couples beautiful and diverse natural surroundings with nutrition programs and exercises that let you enjoy your stay to the maximum(if you are up for it that is).

Location: The island of Euroba is separated from the mainland town of Halkis by an inlet of water and a bridge connects the two parts. A 2 hour drive from Athens in the North Westerly direction is bound to make you reach the resort which sits between the Candili and Pyxaria mountains.

The estate gets its basic accessories from the small village of Prokopi which can be reached by walk. A larger village called Mandoudi can be reached by car (10 minutes) and caters to the more sophisticated needs of the travelers.

Rooms: There are 12 rooms in the estate which are arranged around a courtyard like a small colony. Designed and furnished keeping the traditional atmosphere in mind, the rooms exude peace and serenity.

Effort has been made to enable guests to interact with each other as much as possible. For the very same purpose, the reception rooms, verandah and gardens are shared while bedrooms are individualized. Some rooms are designed as apartments with different bedrooms but a common living room.

There are a plethora of en suite facilities that come with each room or apartment. They include air conditioning, attached bathrooms with modern shower fittings, safety deposit boxes, televisions and telephones.

Cuisine: Be prepared to forget those tasty meals filled with calorie rich food. Here, at the Candili estate, a special diet chart will be prepared according to your dietary requirements and you would be required to follow the chart, come what may. Don’t worry, the food is scrumptious and is prepared from the finest of ingredients by a professional nutritionist.

The dining area is a public area and guests can enjoy meals in the company of their trainers and team members, which gives them ample opportunity to clear doubts on fitness and diets if any.

General Amenities: The estate strives to create a healthy ambience for its guests and trainers. Hence most of the amenities of the hotel are either shared or open to all. There is a huge sitting area by the fireplace for long chats and guests can entertain others by playing the piano which is present there. A library provides a more soulful retreat to readers while the more adventurous guests can make use of the table tennis tables scattered across the estate. In addition to all these, there are several indoor and outdoor games to keep you entertained.

The lush gardens surrounding the estate provide the perfect atmosphere for sun bathing and you can do so either by the two pools or anywhere else you please. Deck chairs are available aplenty and at your disposal.

There is a business center, also built in traditional style for special meetings, conferences or seminars. Don’t be surprised if you see it to be a converted hayloft. A pottery studio is available complete with wheels and kiln in addition to an art studio for the more creative individuals.

Exercise and Recreation: At the Candili estate, recreation takes a back seat, not due to the lack of entertainment, but because exercise and fitness come first.

Sparta Fitness center arranges these sessions which include both outdoor exercises and indoor sessions and therapies aimed at boosting the morale of individuals. Most of these indoor sessions focus on perseverance, strength, stress busting, flexibility, nutrition and weight control.

Sessions and exercises are taken by professional trainers and nutritionists. These professionals make sure you are able to follow the regime by providing individualized advice and exercises that suit your body and mind.

Some of the regular activities included in the Sparta Fitness programme include: trekking, mountain runs and biking, yoga sessions, weight training and massages therapies. The sessions normally include motivational talks by trainers and team members, personal assessment along with dietary programs and personal trainings.

If you decide to go for it, then you may want to know your daily schedule in advance. Even though the fitness center changes the course according to individual requirements, the basic activity chart prepared for a day would be something like this.

Early morning wake up is followed by yoga sessions. Then follows breakfast after which the group gets together for a morning activity which would either be trekking or circuit training. Once the group returns back to the estate, snacks are provided to the guests followed by a session of personal training, massage therapy and some relaxation.

After lunch, guests have some time off where they can have a walk around the estate or relax by the pool. After some time, another session of personal training is followed by massage therapy. Then comes another session of afternoon activity which includes running, trekking and group exercises.

As the evening grows near, there is yet another session of personal training followed by massage and yoga. Following this, guests can enjoy an evening meal on the verandah, provided the weather decides to cooperate. After the day has come to an end, guests gather around the courtyard and chat about non trivial things like music, politics etc.

In spite of the tight schedule of everyday activities, guests do get free time to roam around the estate and the surrounding areas in addition to reveling in sports and games. There are plenty of table tennis tables located across the estate in addition to other games like pool, volleyball, tennis and basketball.

Even though the Candili Estate is cut off from the mainland, there are quite a few sea side villages nearby to explore. The nearest one perhaps is the quaint little village of Limni. Filled with narrow streets and inns by the water, this fishing village is filled with warm and friendly people. Further off, the spa town of Aidipsos sits by the beach amongst beautiful gardens.

There are also numerous secluded beaches along the way in addition to various monasteries and archeological sites. You can also visit the famous museum in the little town of Eretria or if you wish to visit Delphi, you can do so at the cost of a few hours travel by car.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, both in body and soul. You will be welcomed into the Candili family with open arms. A week’s stay at the estate is sure to do wonders for you. Go ahead and enjoy it.

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