All You Need To Know About African Safaris!

African safaris are quite popular among travelers from all over the world when it comes to spending some quality time with family and friends. While vacationing, tourists get to see wild animals like African lions, elephants and big cats along with other animals and birds in their natural habitats.

To help you plan an adventurous and animal-friendly safari trip we have compiled a few travel tips for you. So read on before you call your travel agency!

Wisely Choose Your Safari Destination

African countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and Namibia are famous for their adventurous safari tours and sightseeing trips. As a matter of fact South African safaris are used synonymously with Kruger National Park which is the biggest wildlife park in the world and is home to as many as 15,000 African elephants.

Safari destinations in Tanzania

Safari destinations in Tanzania include Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater National Parks. Wildlife parks in Kenya will blow your mind as you get to see the wildebeest migration, which is quite a thrill in its own way. There are 54 countries in the continent of Africa that gives you a lot of options to choose from. So choose your destination wisely.

Plan Your ‘type of safari’ in Advance

There are many types of safaris available to explore the enchanting Africa, from traditional safari tours to customized packages. Specially made or customized tour packages are designed to cater to the specific interests of the travelers, which includes African hunting safaris, birding safaris, wildebeest migration safaris or African lion safaris.

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So it is advised to discuss your plans with your travel agency beforehand in order to avoid inconvenience. Remember a well planned safari will save you from any last minute hassles.

Consult a Physician

Travelers must consult their physician or travel clinic at least one month before departure to discuss essential health precautions, including medications and vaccinations. Entry to countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya requires tourists to keep a yellow fever certificate handy.

Type of Clothing

While packing for safari tours it is always better to pack light comfortable clothes. As the sun rays are quite harsh during the day – cotton clothes will definitely be able to save you from excessive heat.

Safari destinations Clothing

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Choose neutral colors and don’t forget to put on long sleeves shirts and long pants – this will keep you safe from mosquitoes as well. Sunscreen should also be included to protect your skin from harsh UV rays.

Best Time to Visit

The so-called peak season for a particular place is the most comfortable and convenient time of the year when you get to see almost everything which is said or talked about. That’s why during these times finding a suitable accommodation can be a real pain in the eye. So, if you wish to experience the truly magical Africa then plan your trip and book flights, accommodations etc. well in advance.

Safari destinations peak season

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However, if you do not want to travel to Africa during peak season with the crowd, here is what you can do. First of all, it is very important to understand the topography and seasonal trends of the region. The weather in Africa is variable so don’t be surprised to find no rain during the rainy season or thunderstorms with rain in the dry season.

Winters that lasts from May to August and spring time that consists of September and October offer favorable weather conditions to explore the wild. During winters the daytime temperature remains mild while the nights are cooler.

Be a Responsible Tourist

Although African safaris provide you the ultimate opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat but you hardly get a chance to get very close to them. As a responsible tourist, you should not use tactics to get close or touch the animals, as this may disturb or frighten them. Don’t forget that the wild is their home and you are the guest, so behave nicely.

safari trip to Africa

Aforesaid information is provided to ensure that you have hassle-free and comfortable safari experience. Nowadays, safari trip to Africa has become relatively inexpensive provided you plan everything in advance. Believe it or not African safari is a tour of a lifetime, there is no other thing in the world that could match it. Safaris help travelers to experience breathtaking landscapes and magnificent beauty of Africa to cherish lifelong.

Africa is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the earth. It has something mysterious and unexplained about it that tourist who comes to see it once – keeps on coming back again and again. Perhaps that’s the reason why Africa experiences more and more number of tourists every year and the list keeps on getting bigger and bigger.