Alaska Adventure, Nature and More!

If you are craving for an adventure holiday, then what better place than the majestic and untouched Alaska! for the expert there are many opportunities to rough it out and explore the rugged terrains and for the amateurs,

there are options to view the scenic beauty in the daytime and sleep in the comforts of the bed in the night.

The adventurous activities include hiking an ice age glacier, skimming the wilderness in a plane or taking a dog sled ride…take your pick! The state offers many famous rivers, lakes and coastal waters where you can try your hand at rafting, kayaking or jet boat rides.

To experience the cultural side of Alaska, you can indulge in totem carving, Native dancing, the blanket toss, traditional music… or you can visit the many historical museums, heritage centers and academics.

For nature lovers, the Ocean day cruise is a must… you will not only get to see the magnificent mountain scenery and spellbinding glaciers, but you can also glimpse the abundant wildlife such as bears, whales, seals, sea lions, otters mountain goats amongst many others.

wherever you look there is so much to see that you will never be spoilt for choices. Whale watching, glacier tours, visiting historical towns, exploring gold mines… some of the interesting options to choose from.

Alaska is a all-year destination. Winters offers scope for skiing, snowboarding, skating, ice hockey, ice fishing, riding a snow machine, winter carnivals and festivals.

And your trip to Alaska would be quite fruitless, if you dont try fishing here! you can indulge in fly-fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and even ice fishing! There are more than 627 species of fishes found in the 3 million lakes, 3,000 rivers and countless streams that are found in this state! fishing here is as simple as stopping the car and putting a line on the side of the road!

This year-round destination will help you in connecting with nature, culture and wilderness. Alaska offers the best in terms of adventure holiday or a cultural escape. The beauty and freshness all around would definitely envelope you and you will visit this beautiful state again and again!


  • Ari

    We just moved to Alaska, its beautiful! But nseepxive, just eating at a local diner for 2 costs over 30 bucks for a breakfast. So just be prepared if you plan on shopping or eating off the ship