Airlines That Fly To Egypt From JFK

airlines that fly to egypt from JFK The array of flights to Egypt is as extensive as that of various other popular destinations of tourists. The only flights, which are direct, are headed towards Cairo International Airport.

In Egypt, there are some other airports which are easily accessible and the list comprises of comprise Alexandra, Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor. Major European airlines provide flights of direct type to Cairo starting from Europe, however, arriving from New York frequently needs one to alter flights and on some occasion airlines.

Egypt Air flies also to Alexandria and it started its operation in the year 1932 and has undergone various changes and was declared to be a member of Star alliance, which is a group of twenty-six famous airlines throughout the world. This company helps in making easier connections for flights and offering substitutes in the event of cancellations or delays.

Egypt Air has conducts flights direct between Cairo International Airport and New York’s JFK Airport. Flights usually consume eleven to twelve hours and fares begin from eight hundred fifty dollar. Delta is the US based airline having direct arrangement of flights from JFK towards Cairo and the journey fare begins from nine hundred dollar during off-season and increases up to one thousand one hundred dollar or more than that during other peak seasons of travel and summer seasons.

Flights to Cairo via indirect route may be bit cost effective. there are also many one -stop flights through Europe, via Amsterdam. You can also avail  KLM Royal Dutch if you are willing to take the detour. You book Delta or  Iberia Airlines which commute  via Alitalia and Madrid through Rome. The detour can be inexepensive but will consume awful lot of time.

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Indirect Flights – Indirect JFK flights to Egypt move in various countries, after beginning at JFK. You can avail the Lufthansa from Frankfurt that will transport you directly to Cairo. You can get Air France flights from De Gaulle Airport situated outside of Paris.

There are many flights plying from Paris so you can get on flight from JFK to Paris and change over. British Airways alters at Heathrow inside London and Alitalia moves through Rome. Altering flights generally lessens the trip cost, although not always. Times for layover between flight may be somewhere from one to five hours.

Fly to Red Sea Attractions In Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a beautiful resort alongside the coast of Sinai Peninsula. Simply an hour flight from Cairo Airport takes one to the ideal diving spots in the globe. Apart from diving, there are plenty of other things for everybody in the tiny, however, action-minded community.

Major flights arrive from Cairo; however, one may access Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport from Heathrow Airport of London, Germany’s Frankfurt International and Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport. Cairo flights from JFK will take is ten and half-hours and with it you must add the layover of at least three hour and fifty minutes to reach Sharm el-Sheikh, totaling around fifteen hours.

For people who are not interested to wait for the ten and half hour flight, can avail the substitute-travelling route which will take about six and half hours in trans-Atlantic flight beginning from JFK and terminating at Heathrow. Considering a four-hour minimum layover, five, and half hours for Sharm el-Sheikh, the whole journey nearly takes a total travelling time of around sixteen hours.

The layovers of European permit time to widen one’s legs and help to breathe some natural air. Sharm-el-Sheikh is a exhilarating beach destination and which is why many from USA and Europe fly to this location to enjoy a typical Egyptian vacation. The sightseeing opportunities in Luxor and Cairo can be visited from Sharm el Sheikh  by availing Egypt Air.

If you plan cleverly you can save much while booking flights from New York to Cairo. You can book cost effective Cairo flights which are offered during off seasons. There are flights which can take you across at $800 whereas other might charge about $1200.

How to Buy Budget Tickets

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The best way to go about it is to book flights directly from websites of leading airlines and not to go via booking agents. This is because you might have to shell out some extra money for availing the services of agents. A round trip will cost somewhere in between $800 to $1000, if you are travelling in the economic class.

However if you wish to bring down the cost then you can go for break journeys. You can either avail flights to Cairo or to any of the principal cities and take the land route or the sea route to the location. If you are a frequent flier many airlines like Delta offer major discounts.

Airfare on Budget Airlines Travelling from New York to Cairo

There are about 300 flights that travel to New York to Cairo weekly. Although the options are plenty budget airlines are few and often getting tickets in a budget airlines is  purely a matter of luck. A few airlines which operate cheap flights are Lot, Turkish, Air Canada, United and BMI.

If you choose Lot then a round  will cost you around $877. This is probably the cheapest airlines that ply between New York and Cairo. Turkish airlines also operate regular flights and round trip airfares are $896 and if you avail Air Canada then you will have to pay about $908.

Most Reliable Services From JFK to Egypt

Moreover you can avail Emirates flights which have exhaustive network of plains connecting various cities. You can either fly directly to Cairo or to adjacent towns of Egypt from where you can take a local flight to reach Egyptian cities. Of these airlines Delta offer the most reliable services and ensure satisfaction to passenger on board flights to Cairo. Boeings that ply between JFK to Cairo has about 215 seats of which 181 seats are dedicated for the economic class.

The flight options available are many, however not all flights provide exemplary service. Although, if you are not looking for top class in-flight service, then there are plenty of options that will fit nicely in your budget.