Air Travel, Waiting for Connecting Flights

In certain cases where you need to travel half way around the world to reach a particular destination, there’s a very high chance of you needing to travel via connecting flights. The term connecting flight simply implies that you fly to a particular destination on two flights. In the process, you need to land at a particular airport in between and change flights.

In most cases of flying with connecting flights, you would probably have to wait for the connecting flight to arrive. This may take some time in the form of maybe a few minutes, a few hours or maybe even a day with the exclusion of delays and other such issues.

In all these cases, you would probably have to wait at the intermediate airport for quite some time. Here are a few tips to while away your time waiting for the connecting flight.

Check the Status: The first thing to probably do after landing at the airport would be to check the status of the connecting flight. This way, you would know how long you would need to wait. If the departure is quite soon, staying near the departure gate would help. On the other hand, if you have plenty of time, you can relax for some time and think of what to do next.

Moving Around: Getting a map of the airport would be quite useful and the visitor’s or inquiry desks may have maps. The reason for doing this is because you would then have an idea of what amenities are available at the airport and how far they are from your departure gate. If you think airports only have terminals, hangers and runways, think again. Many airports offer restaurants, cafes, internet booths and even kiosks for travelers to rest in.

Some passengers love crowded areas while others prefer quieter surroundings. If you feel stressed out by seeing the hustle and bustle around the airport, relocate to one of the restaurants or cafes that are located away from the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Now that you have found a perfect spot, be it the waiting area or a small restaurant, here are a few things you can do while waiting.

Read Books: Airports are the best places in the world to catch up on some reading. If you know there will be a connecting flight you need to catch, you can bring along one of your favorite novels or a book you had been dying to read but never had the time too.

If you forget to bring a book, no issues. Just walk over to one of the magazine shops in the near vicinity and buy a couple of magazines, newspapers or novels to read.

Eating: Grabbing a bite of food is not a bad option and you can also follow a tasty snack with some refreshing drinks.

Freshen up: If you have been traveling for quite some time, utilize the opportunity to freshen up. You can take a quick shower in the restrooms in addition to attending to nature’s calls. If you think your hair may not dry up quickly, use the hand drier machine for a quick styling session. In these cases, it is always recommended to bring a comb to even your hair out after drying it. You may also throw in some additional accessories like tooth brushes, pastes and soaps.

Play Games:If you love the game of sodoku, then grab a newspaper that offers the puzzle and start working away. Having a laptop is an added advantage and you can possibly play some games. The picture gets better if you have wireless internet connection which enables you to go online and check mails, play games, or even watch movies.

Call People: Mobiles can become your best friend if you are stuck in an airport with nothing to do. In addition to playing games on the mobile, you can do more useful stuff like updating your contacts, editing phone numbers or even calling someone you had not spoken to in a while.

Cell phones also come in handy when you are far away from the departure gate and need to find about your flight status.

People Watching: The sport of people watching is quite interesting if you don’t think of the idea as wacky. Sitting in the terminal or waiting area enables you to see people from all walks of life, enter and leave the airport. Surprisingly, you get to see dramas and real life situations unfold before your very eyes. It is quite nice to see joyous reunions, tearful goodbyes and naughty children being handled by their parents. Not to mention the fact that you get to see so many fashion designs walking the floors of the airport.

Have  a Chat: If you feel like it, strike up a conversation with someone near you. Though you may first want to consider whether the person would want to speak to you or not. Who knows? You may find a really good friend in the waiting area.

Nearby Attractions: And finally, if none of these options interest you, check with the airport authorities about visiting some nearby attractions while you wait for the connecting flight. Of course, this case extends only to those who have an entire day to while away, provided they get a temporary visa to enter the country.


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