Air Travel Tips – Proper Etiquette

Traveling by air can be quite a pleasurable trip for some, while others are completely against the very idea. The reason for this discomfort may not necessarily be due to the flight itself but various other reasons, including issues at the airport regarding security, confirmation or necessary regulations.

Let’s take a closer look at what can be done from our part to reduce the hassles we might tend to experience at the airport while traveling.

Security Clearance: Most of us fail to understand that the increasing threats to the society through terrorist attacks have left airport authorities with little or no alternative but to tighten security at the airport.

The number of security checks in airports has significantly increased over the years and many passengers fail to comprehend the fact that these checks are done for their safety as well.

Sometimes, we feel unnerved when asked personal questions regarding family and work. However, by failing to give out the correct answers, we do nothing but successfully waste both our time and those of countless other passengers behind us. In these situations, it is considered appropriate to maintain a straight face and just answer the questions rather than refraining to do so and causing a commotion.

Some of use wear jewelry or body piercings that may set off an alarm when we walk through the security metal detector. In the former case, removing the jewels would suffice and we can walk through the detector again for a second check. However, the latter requires us to inform beforehand about the piercings, lest we set off an alarm for holding suspicious articles.

Baggage Clearance: As in the case of security checks, our baggage tends to be carefully scrutinized and checked before being cleared. It is considered wise to refrain from carrying large bottles or containers as they normally tend to get rejected during baggage clearance.

Alternatively you can carry smaller 100 ml bottles which get cleared through easily.

It may seem pretty depressing when being asked to remove certain garments from our luggage for careful inspection; and the thought of ransacking our carefully packed luggage would tend to upset us. However, doing so will tend to make the check easier and faster.

Remember! They are helping us: Many of us tend to show the frustration of flight delays or cancellations on the airport personnel. A point to be noted here is that they are nowhere to blame for what happens.

Fighting with them can only make the situation worse instead of better and if required, we may be stopped from boarding the flight on account of rude behavior. So remember, be polite to the staff and try to gauge the fact that they would try their best to help us out of our predicament.

If on any account, we miss our flight for no fault of ours, we tend to show our anger at the airport authorities. A simple solution to this problem is to stay calm, which will enable us to think straight.

Instead of arguing over the flight we missed, we can actually work things out with the authorities if we remain unperturbed. With the correct behavior, we can see ourselves boarding an alternative flight to the same destination in no time at all, rather than being stuck at the airport with no one willing to help us out.

Flight Manners: The experience does not stop here but extends to the actual flight as well. Upon boarding a flight and finding the allotted seats, some passengers tend to immediately recline their seats. This poses a very big problem for those trying to get into the seat behind them. If we fall into that category, then we need to realize how it would be if the passenger in front of us reclines his/her seat before we can get into our space. Doesn’t sound nice right?

A good way to combat this is to recline our seat after the aircraft takes off and reaches a standard height. However, we also need to check if it’s ok with the person seated behind us, as reclining the seat would cramp their leg space to a significant extent.

Also when boarding a flight, a good option would be move our belongings out of the way of other passengers. Once seated, it becomes very discomforting for both us and our co passenger if we tend to keep on getting up to retrieve something from the overhead cabin. Alternatively, we can ensure that we have all the items we would need throughout the flight before we sit down and buckle up.

As passengers, we need to respect our personal space and those of others to enjoy a calm and comfortable trip.Some of us may not want to talk during the flight and if we find a talkative co passenger, the best thing to do would be to politely refuse to communicate with them rather than asking them to shut up. This can be done by reading magazines, going off to sleep, saying that we need to meditate or in the worst case, changing our seat (provided they are available).

On the other hand, if we feel like speaking to the person sitting next to us but see that he/she is not comfortable with it, it is wise to stay quiet and try to do something else. If our co passenger requires some peace and quiet, it will be very wrong of us to indulge in activities that may tend to disturb him/her. For instance, talking loudly over the phone or listening to songs with high volume in an MP3 player can disturb the passengers seated next to us.

Sitting next to a person who has cold or has bad body odor, can be quite an unpleasant experience and we can ask to change seats if required. However, the same thing can happen to us too. So it is better to apply a mild perfume (some passengers may be allergic to strong brands) or deodorant just before the flight. Those suffering from foot odor issues should refrain from removing their shows during the flight.

Traveling with children would require us to escort them to the bathroom at several intervals. In order to minimize stress for ourselves and the other passengers, it is recommended that we opt for seats at the back of the aircraft. This enables us to be close to the toilet in addition to enjoying some extra space to stand up at intervals or stretch our muscles.

Children tend to be naughty at times and resort to running up and down the aisle in addition to kicking the seats from behind. To ensure a hassle free trip, we need to keep them well behaved and quiet. A good way to do this is to keep them occupied with their favorite books, snacks or even one of those popular hand held games.

Remember! Flying can be quite enjoyable if we take extra measures to ensure that the experience doesn’t turn sore for us and our co passengers. So next time we are flying to a destination, let’s keep these pointers in mind and plan things accordingly so that we can just sit back and relax!.


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