Adventures On The Gulf Of California

Also called as the Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of California separates the Mexican mainland from the Baja California Peninsula and is considered as one of the best adventure destinations in the entire regions. Offering plenty of fun filled and thrilling adventures for families and couples alike, the Gulf of California is your best bet if you want to enjoy an adventurous vacation worth remembering for ages.

Here are some of the best and most popular adventure activities you can partake in should you choose to visit the Gulf of California.

Things To Do In The Gulf Of California

Water Activities

What’s a holiday in a place like the Gulf of California without some fun in the water? The large body of water offers plentiful activities for visiting tourists.

Lover's Beach

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Some of these include snorkeling tours (including power snorkeling with water scooters) that would take you to some of the best and most secluded coves and beaches in the region; kayaking past isolated lagoons and boating to places like the Lover’s Beach and the Land’s End Arch etc. (don’t miss out on a chance to watch the sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles and humpback whales that reside in these areas).

Cabo Dolphin Center

Not exactly a water activity but still something that would need you to get into the water in a closed aquarium, the Cabo Dolphin Experience is one adventure that would remain in your mind forever.

Cabo Dolphin Centre

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The Cabo Dolphin Center is a part of Cabo Adventures in the Gulf of California and offers visitors plenty of interactive programs, games and other activities involving dolphins. Educational programs would teach you all there is to know about Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins while the Dolphin Swim programs allow visitors of all ages to swim with dolphins at the center.

Take the time to touch, pet, feed and play with one of the dolphins present in the center. Or become a dolphin trainer for a day and work with the other trainers at the center to get hands on experience of how to handle dolphins. Definitely an experience worth cherishing!

Whale Watching

Make it a point to go on a whale watching tour when you are in the Gulf of California. Tour operators would generally take you on ‘whale friendly’, inflatable boats to the best whale watching spots in the region. So make sure you take your camera along and take some fascinating pictures of these magnificent creatures.

Whale Watching

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Land Activities

If you ever happen to get bored of the water, you can always try some of the comparatively drier land activities at the Gulf of California. From trekking to mountain biking and climbing to camel riding, there is so much to do on land that you will never miss the water!

Mountain Biking

One of the best ways to enjoy a biking adventure is to opt for a tour operator who would know the best biking trails in the region. So make it a point to hire a tour operator who would be able to provide you with the best biking equipment (including customizable all terrain bikes) and the experience (including providing first hand information about the best and safest biking trails).

Mountain Biking

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Ride through narrow trails lined with cactus plants, stop at secluded coves and beaches on the way, and enjoy peaceful, stunning views of the region as you bike through protected preserves and unmanned territories.

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Outback and Camel Safaris

A journey of self exploration in itself, the Camel Safari tours would take you deep into the region’s Baja Outback before letting you enjoy refreshing camel rides on the stunning Pacific beaches surrounding it.

Camel Safaris In Devon

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Tour operators in the region offer regular outback tours and camel safaris to visitors. So book one that would let you get the best out of both. And make sure to look out for whales that swim close to the shores during the winter season.

Zip Line Adventures

Ever taken part in a zip line adventure? If no, then here is your chance to do so. With stunning backdrops and adrenaline soaring zip lines, these adventures would leave your adrenaline soaring to unimaginable levels as you zip at mind blowing speeds over canopies of trees.

In addition to enjoying riding on these zip lines you can also take part in other activities like walking on hanging bridges, climbing up vertical rock walls, climbing up swinging ladders, or parallel zip lining.

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