Adventure Travel : Highest Mountains

Imagine looking down at the world from some of the highest points on earth. If you are an avid adventure seeker and a seasoned mountain climber, then this article is for you. Given below are some of the highest and most popular mountain peaks in the world.

If you have not tried these mountains, then you have not climbed real ones at all. Pack your gear and set out to conquer these peaks and once you have done just that, you will come to know what we were talking about!

Mount Everest: Together with the other mountains in the Himalayas, Mount Everest is the tallest peak in the world in addition to being the most difficult to climb. Situated at a foreboding height of 8850 meters (29035 feet) above sea level, the mountain is a challenge for even the greatest of climbers.

Mount K2: Again a part of the list of thirty mountains in the Himalayas that are touted to be among the highest mountains in the world, Mount K2 is very popular with avid mountain climbers worldwide. The mountain is situated in the Karakonam Range in India.

The 8611 meters (28251 feet) peak is very tough to reach and the mountain also goes by the names of Dapsang, Chogori and Mount Godwin Austen.

Mount Kinabalu: Located in East Malayisa, the peak of Mount Kinabalu is situated at a height of 4101 meters (13455 feet) from the sea level and is almost always covered by dense fogs. Also called as St. Peter’s, Kinabalu is touted to be the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago.

Nanga Parbat: Translating to “Naked Mountain” in English, the Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world and stands at a height of 8126 meters (26660 feet) above sea level. The extremely steep walled mountain is located in Pakistan in Aisa and is a part of the western Himalayas.

Mont Blanc: Situated midway between France and Italy is the Mont Blanc Massif or Mountain. Rising to a height of 4807 meters (15771 feet) above sea level, the mountain is touted to be the highest peak in the Alpine mountain range and is a subject of hot discussion between the two bordering countries which claim it to be theirs.

Kangchenjunga: Located in Nepal which houses most of the highest peaks in the entire world, the Kangchenjunga mountain range has a total of five different peaks and is also called as ‘The Five Treasures of the Snow”.

The highest among them is located at a height of 8586 meters (28169 feet) above sea level, while the others fall in behind at 8505 meters (Kangchenjunga West), 8482 meters (Kangchenjunga Central), 8494 meters (Kangchenjunga South) and 7903 meters (Kangbachen) respectively.

Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo: Both of these mountains are located in Indonesia and are active volcanoes. Situated in the East Java province, these volcanoes are part of the 129 volcanoes that have become active since 1610 in the region.

Ben Nevis: Touted to be the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis stands at a height of 1343 meters (4406 feet) above sea level and is extremely popular with adventure seekers who visit the region.

The surface of the mountain is covered with a mixture of volcanic rock and ancient schist, making a climb up the mountain pretty dangerous and exhilirating.

Mount Whitney: The highest peak among all the mountains in the lower 48 states of the United States of America, Mount Whitney is located in California and is 4418 meters (14494 feet) high above sea level. The mountain is a part of the much larger Sierra Nevada mountain range that was formed due to severe tetonic movements beneath the earth’s surface.

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