A Week Long Vacation in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok is generally regarded as one of the more popular tourist destinations in the southwest region of Asia. It is located in Thailand and is one of the hubs of entertainment and culture throughout southwest Asia.

If you are considering a vacation somewhere in that region of Asia, then a weeklong vacation in Bangkok is a wonderful idea.

One of the main attractions in Bangkok is that of its variety of temples. There are close to four hundred temples in the entire city, around which the urban setting has been constructed. They are greatly respected by the locals and make for a pleasant one day touring trip around the city.

Another popular attraction is the ‘Floating Market’ present around the city. This comprises of a market that runs entirely on the waterways where the visitors can purchase goods from vendors while travelling on long, narrow boats.

For those interested in the history of Thailand, a weeklong vacation in Bangkok is one of the easiest and more enjoyable ways to gain some valuable knowledge. One can visit the ancient city of Ayuthaya and visit the National Museum, which contain a great amount of history.

Bangkok has many more interesting places for tourists to visit. One can make a day’s trip to the Snake Farm and the Crocodile Farm, which will attract many wildlife lovers. Bangkok frequently hosts a number of cultural programs, where one can see the traditional Thai dancing and theatre.

Shopping in Bangkok can be a thrilling experience, since there is a lot of shopping that can be done at very reasonable prices. Items such as handcrafted jewellery, textiles such as cotton and silk, handmade goods and electronic items can be found easily throughout the city.

A weeklong vacation in Bangkok will also take you hiking and trekking outside of the main city, where there many beautiful sights and sceneries to be seen.

For those who like the beach culture, there are deep-sea fishing trips available where one can go scuba diving, paragliding and water skiing the whole week. More than anything, a week in Bangkok will ensure you have something new to experience every single day and have the time of your life.



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