A Trip To Dubai

A trip to Dubai is like a joyride. Contrary to common thought that the nightlife isn’t as rampant in Dubai as it is Islamic in nature, the nightlife actually is as exciting as it gets.

Not only it is packed with a number of bars and clubs, but it is diverse when it comes to enjoyment. There are a number of things you can do to make your stay in Dubai worthwhile and the following is a brief summary of them.

Surprisingly the split personality is just one of the many traits Dubai has got to offer. The nightlife is wild and the day life is peaceful. As innocent as the city looks during the day. Dubai could be a treat at night. As this city is in practice of receiving travellers from all around the world. Even in the afternoon there are a large amount of interesting things you’d find to keep you busy.

As Dubai is Islamic in nature there are a lot of guidelines you would have to follow. Alcohol is not allowed in regular restaurants around the city. Alcohol is allowed in the bar of your hotel, but strictly prohibited from being consumed out in the open. All clubs shut their shutters by 3 a.m. and the drinking age is a minimum of 21 years. Also in order to enjoy the Dubai night life it is necessary to be above 25 years of age.

The clubs most commonly known for all those party animals are The Bridges bar, hard rock cafe, the Kaasba Night club. But for a posh night in the city The Boudoir, located at Jumeirah road, is famous for its celebrities and big names from all across the globe. This prominent club can be a louder way to crash the red carpet.

Studded with a host of options for nightclubs, Dubai has an edge when it comes to entering the happening clubs. Most of them have placards that specify “Members Only” and they charge a lot in order to get your name on the entry list.

Unlike popular belief, Dubai unlike other Islamic cities has a nightlife that could be more exciting than expected. Ethnically diverse and peaceful with a tinge of amusement, this city is every man’s dream of an escape. So if you are interested in having a joyous holiday. Pack your bags and make a trip to Dubai.



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