A Trip To Ancient Monuments In Guinea

Ancient Monuments In Guinea The Republic of Guinea is located in Western Africa. It was occupied by the French till 1958 and its 246,000 square kilometer land mass borders Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Senegal in the north and Liberia and Sierra Leone in the south.

The Niger River flows along the eastern border and the Atlantic Ocean is on its western side. Guinea has around 10 million people who are from 24 different ethnicities. 45% belong to Fula, 35% to Madinka and 20% to Sula ethnicities. Conakry is the capital city of Guinea and it has many monuments that would be of interest to tourists.

There are many monuments in Guinea and they usually commemorate a war hero or are dedicated to national interests like music and soccer.

Ancient Monuments In Guinea

Tribute to Women

Guinea is a country which holds women in high regard. There is a statue not far from the Conakry airport that depicts a woman in a brightly colored dress. In the statue the woman is wearing a shocking blue dress and holding a yellow bowl.

Tribute to Women

She has a ceramic pot of brown color at her feet. This statue is a very significant one in the country. Guinea directly translated means ‘women’ and this by itself shows how much importance a woman holds in this country and its culture.

Samori Toure Monument

One of the most famous monuments of Guinea is the statue of Toure. Toure is considered one of Guinea’s most famous freedom fighters and he was instrumental in over throwing the French empire that ruled Guinea.

Samori Toure Monument

A small roundabout houses this brilliant statue and it is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The statue itself is yellowish green in color and Toure is seen with one hand on the waist and the other on the side. He is also represented wearing a turban with a little smile on his face.

Soccer Craze

The people of Guinea are obsessed with football. There is a monument in the eastern side of the capital city of Conakry, of a boy about to kick a soccer ball. The person in the statue is wearing yellow shorts with a red t-shirt and green shin covers.

Apart from this, the person in the statue wears shoes and socks and looks very athletic. The monument carries a slogan of the national football team on it as well which reads – Syli National. There are many other statues and monuments around the city with the football team’s slogan inscribed on them.

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Liberty Statue

This is one of the most famous monuments in Guinea and is located in a very busy median in downtown Conakry. The statue is of a woman with shackles on her arm.

Liberty Statue Guinea

The shackles are broken symbolizing liberty and freedom. This monument was meant to commemorate the socialist party that was responsible for the upheaval that led to the downfall of the French occupation.

Besides these, there are many other monuments in and around Guinea that are extremely popular and significant and you should not miss out on visiting them when you are in Guinea on vacation.