A Travel Guide To Sydney

sydney Sydney is definitely one of the ideal getaways in the entire continent of Australia. The place attracts millions and millions of tourists every year from not only the continent but from all around the world.

Not only does the place is a hub for various sightseeing places and museums, but it is also known for being the core for partying and nightlife in Australia. It is simply impossible to get hands on everything in Sydney until and unless you plan a long trip to the place. However, there are some of the attractions that you just can’t afford to miss!

To extract the maximum benefits when you are in the beautiful city of Sydney it is imperative to plan out things intelligently. As a tourist, you have to keep in mind that you have limited time in hand to check out the various attractions in the city.

If you plan out a travel itinerary beforehand it will make sure that you have a gratifying experience. This simple guide will help you a long way in deciding upon the various ‘must see’ places in Sydney

Must See Places In Sydney

Sydney Opera House

One of the top major attractions in the entire city of Sydney that is visited by countless tourists everyday is the Sydney Opera House. Not only is the place a famous landmark but is also an internationally known symbol. The destination is one of its kinds where architecture is concerned.

Sydney Opera House

You can actually guess the exclusivity of the place by knowing the fact that it took the workers more than a decade to build the Sydney Opera House. For all the theater, opera and ballet lovers, this is one of the ultimate places in Sydney. Take a tour of the place to get the most out of it!

Blue Sky Helicopter Tours

If you want an experience of a lifetime and something that you can cherish always, then don’t miss out on the Blue Sky Helicopter Tours in Sydney. These helicopter tours will give you a panoramic view of the entire city.

Sky Helicopter Tours

Photo Credit: Beachandbush.co.za

There is nothing like getting a full view of Sydney by air. The half an hour tour is worth every penny that you spend on it. It will also give you a beautiful view of the Sydney beaches.

The Domain

One of the best parks in Sydney, when it comes to lush greenery and natural scenic beauty is The Domain. The place is situated just behind the Parliament House, in the core of the city.

It is a totally public place and is very well known for holding concerts, events and even a lot of festivals. In other cases, The Domain can be used as a recreational area by the locals of the city.

Manly Beach

manly beach sydney

If you are looking towards a relaxed holiday, then Manly is the best beachside resort that you can opt for in Sydney. The beach side here at Manly also has a lot of activities for your time pass. Surfing is one of the major ones that should be mentioned here. A walking tour will also give you a great feeling along with various restaurants and shopping opportunities here at Manly.

Royal Botanic Gardens

As the name reflects, Royal Botanic Gardens is an ideal place to get an eye-catching view of greenery and rich flora and fauna.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Within the place you have mesmerizing places to check out like the Rose Garden, the Herb Garden, Oriental Garden, a Pyramid Glasshouse and Cactus and Succulent Garden. If you still have some time left in hand you can enjoy sunbathing and family picnics here at Royal Botanic Gardens.

Queen Victoria Building

Another ‘must see’ place in Sydney is the Queen Victoria Building. Not only is it one of the perfect historical landmarks in the city but also provides you with awesome shopping facilities all under the same roof.

Queen Victoria Building

You can shop till you drop, only at the Queen Victoria Building. Along with a lot of shopping, don’t forget to take a break at any of the one cafe here.

Sydney Tower

If you are looking for a great view of the entire city, then nothing will provide you with it better than the Sydney Tower. For maximum benefits, it is advisable to hire a free guide for the tour of this place.

The double-decker lift will help you reach the peak of the power in less than a minute. Along with this you can enjoy a dual benefit of the destination by enhancing your taste buds in the revolving restaurants here at Sydney Tower.


Another hotspot places where you can shop for designer labels and brands from all around the world is Akira in Sydney. From American to European brands you will find everything under this mall for your convenience. However, the place is ideal for only those tourists who don’t have a defined budget to follow when in the city.

Ocean World

If you are someone who has great love and fascination for marine life, then Ocean World should definitely be visited when in Sydney. You will find a lot of marine species here.

ocean world Sydney

Sharks are one of them. Scuba diving with the sharks is another world class experience that you can have here. Some other sea animals that you can see here are sea dragons, turtles, cuttlefishes, hermit crabs, starfishes and more.

Don’t miss out on the exclusive coral exhibits here at Ocean World!

The Rocks

One of the most ancient and historic buildings in Sydney, the Rocks is another place that is worth a watch for every tourist. The place has diverse activities for the visitors.

Photo Credit: Familyadventuretravelworks.com

From art exhibitions and galleries to shopping facilities and restaurants, you can have a complete experience here. You can also find some nice pubs in and around The Rocks for a relaxed evening and clubbing purposes.


Get a feel of china and Chinese culture and art here at the Chinatown, Sydney.

Along with this you can also enjoy scrumptious Chinese meals at the restaurants and shop for Chinese products and souvenirs.

Along with these top tourist attractions, you can add some more to the list if you have some time in hand.