A Day In Salinitas Decameron El Salvador Resort

Being a popular tourist spot, El Salvador has numerous starred hotels and resorts.However, what sets the Decameron El Salvador apart from the rest is the Mayan culture and the ambiance that is true to the country. So, if you want to get the true flavor of El Salvador stay in this beautiful resort.

Salinitas Decameron El Salvador is one of the most luxurious and famous hotels in the country. Located just 50 minutes away from San Salvador, this coast side resort is convenient to reach from the airport. At the same time, it offers some stunning views of the sea.

The resort offers pick up services from the San Salvador Airport which can be  availed by putting in a request. Once you reach the resort, you have to go through the check-in process which is hassle free, though a bit time consuming. Don’t, however, forget to bring a photocopy of the reservation with you. They will ask for it even if they have that on papers.

Decameron El Salvador ensures the safety of every guest. To that end, they offer you a safe lock for rent. It will cost you 2 USD per day. To have a second room key you can get it by putting a $15 deposit and you will get the money back at the time you leave after you return the key. The lobby desk of the hotel serves multiple purposes. You can also get change for larger bills here.

Decameron El Salvador has two large buildings both consisting of several rooms. The number of the rooms consists of four digits. However, the first building consists of most of the buildings where various activities take place. So, you will find restaurants, pools gyms etc. here. On the other hand, the section two offers a nice view to the ocean.

Generally, the rooms have a bathroom consisting sink, shower stall, and toilet. The living area has drawers, TV, big closet, work table, chairs, nightstand and two queen beds. Some of the rooms in the upper floors have small balconies as well. However, the buildings don’t have elevators. So, ask for rooms in the first floor if you have difficulties with stairs.

Decameron El Salvador has three restaurants. There are two ala carte restaurants for dinner offering Mediterranean and Steakhouse cuisine. Also, there is a buffet offering lunch, and breakfast apart from dinner. The resort offers several activities and entertainment options.

This El Salvador resort has multilingual staffs. The tour desk inside the resort offers various trips through El Salvador.