15 Wonderful SCUBA Dive Sites

SCUBA diving is a great way to explore the underwater world and come in close contact with the beautiful marine life. One can dive anywhere but all the spots may not be equally rich in its marine life or underwater beauty.

But there are some whose beauty is beyond compare. Here is a list of some wonderful SCUBA diving sites.

1.    Yongala Wreck Site, Australia

This diving site is located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is just 12 nautical miles from Alva Beach in Queensland, Australia. The site is actually a rich habitat of marine life that developed on the wrecks of S.S. Yongala which sank in 1911.This is one of the most famous dive sites in the whole world and home to sea snakes, turtles, giant trevally and groupers.

Photo Credit: Mikeball.com


2.    Blue Corner Wall, Palau

The Blue corner dive in Palau is one of the most coveted dive sites in the world and a favorite for the expert divers. This is an advanced dive because of the strength and unpredictable nature of the current.

Blue Corner Wall, Palau

This is a great place to see soft corals and sharks swimming around. The marine fauna include the large dogtooth tuna, clown triggers and common triggers, barracuda and various species of butterfly fish.

3.    Barracuda Point, Sipandan, Malaysia

This dive site is one of the favorites because of its suddenness. One moment you may find open and empty sea while in the next moment you might get surrounded by shoals of barracuda, chevrons or blacktails.

Photo Credit: Blogs.panda.org

Bumphead parrotfish, turtles, Napoleon wrasse, yellow margin triggerfish, etc. are some of the marine life found here.

4.    Thislegorm, Egyptian Red Sea

This is another wreck dive near Ras Muhammad in Egyptian Red Sea. SS Thislegorm sank in 1941 with a cargo of trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, guns and ammunition.

Thislegorm, Egyptian Red Sea

Photo Credit: One-ocean.com

It was later discovered by Jacques Cousteau and in 1990s the site developed into a recreational dive site. People dive to have a look at the sunken cargo.

5.    Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

This region forms one of the tips of the Ras Muhammad National Park. These two reefs are like two very small atolls with flat tops. The corals grow on the steep sides.

Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

Yolanda side of the reef has more species and it gets its name from a ship that drowned here. The main varieties found here are the eels, barracudas, trunk fish, jacks, snappers and fire corals.

6.    Navy Pier, Western Australia

Exmouth Navy Pier is one of the top ten dive sites as well as the most interesting pier diving site in the world. The pier is within a fully functional naval base and the water surrounding the pier is home to over 200 species of fish.

Navy Pier, Western Australia

Photo Credit: Listgorilla.com

Dive can be done both during the day and night. The species present are the moray eels, cod, grey nose sharks, barracudas, etc.

7.    Manta Ray Night Dive at Kona, Hawaii

This dive is one of the most enjoyable dives in the world and attracts thousands of visitors round the year. The dive takes place at night with lights. These attract the phytoplankton and they in turn attract the graceful manta rays of the Big Island.

Manta Ray Night Dive at Kona

The beauty of the dive lies in the close encounter with these gentle giants of the deep.

8.    Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea

The Egyptian Red Sea is a diver’s paradise and the Big Brother is one of the best sites in the world. The Big Brother along with its smaller brother, are the tips of two reef pillars rising out from the sea.

Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea

The strong open sea current promotes the growth of a diverse coral population on the reef walls. There is a significant growth of soft corals here.

9.    The Great Blue Hole, Belize

This is a large underwater sinkhole lying in the Lighthouse Reef off the coast of Belize. It forms a part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Photo Credit: Wallpaper4u.org

The Great Blue Hole is circular formation which is 300 meters across and 124 meter deep. The crystal clear waters make this a perfect dive site. It is frequented by various species of sharks.

10.    Richelieu Rock, Thailand

This is the best dive site in Thailand and a great place to see whale sharks and manta rays. The site is exposed to currents and that is what brings the diversity to the site.

Richelieu Rock, Thailand

Each and every dive may throw up something new. Diving should be done with experts as this is not one of the easiest dive sites.

11.    Elphinstone Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

Another of the great dive sites in the Egyptian Red Sea. It is a finger-like reef running north to south and having steep walls on the east and west and ending in submerged plateau at the two ends.

Photo Credit: Geckogo.com

The reef has an arch at the depth between 164 and 230 feet. But this is out of reach for most sport divers. A wide range of colorful creatures make this reef their home.

12.    Liberty, Bali, Indonesia

Another of the reefs formed over sunken World War II ship. This reef lies only 30 meters from the coast. The whole wreck is dominated by soft corals, featherstars, hydroids and crinoids.

Liberty, Bali, Indonesia

Photo Credit: Cheapcharlieshotels.com

The species of fish found are great barracuda, sunfish, scribbled fish, Napoleon fish, peacock grouper, coral trout and numerous others.

13.    Great White Wall, Taveuni Fiji

This site provides some of the most dramatic dives one can ever experience. The initial dive of about 15 meters ends at a depth of about 25 meters where the underworld vista opens up to a steep slope of white corals, the reason behind the name.

Great White Wall, Taveuni Fiji

The white is punctuated by little blotches of orange, green and red, a sight to remember.

14.    Sha’ab Rumi, Sudan

Sha’ab Rumi is a shallow reef with huge depths in between and this is what makes this a perfect site for wall dives. This is one of the best places to see the hammerhead sharks which flock to the area between November and April.

Sha’ab Rumi, Sudan

The clear water gives maximum visibility, another cause of the popularity of the reef.

15.    Sodwana Bay, South Africa

This is one of the best dive sites in South Africa. The warm water and visibility of at least 15 meters make it an ideal diving spot. The depth varies from 30 to 50 meters making it perfect dive spot for everyone, the beginners to the advanced.

The bay is full of many varieties of fishes and corals.