15 Things To Keep In Mind While You Are Traveling By Air

15 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling By Air In order to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable, you must keep in mind a few things while you are traveling by air. You must know how to plan your travel, how to pack your luggage, how to make your time hassle free at the airport, and how to ensure a safe journey. You will find the following fifteen tips very useful in this regard.

Airline Safety Tips

1. Do not carry hazardous materials, such as corrosives or gasoline. It is not only about following the rules of airlines; it is more to do with your own and co-passengers’ safety.

2. Let the flight attendants do their duty. You should not even try to pour your hot drinks yourself. It can cause accidents, hurting you and co-passengers. After all, unlike the attendants, you are probably not trained enough to handle hot drinks like tea or coffee on a moving aircraft, that too, in a crowded aisle.

3. While you are traveling by air, you must keep in mind that flight attendants are there for your safety and convenience. So, if they request you to do something (such as, to fasten your seat belt), you must listen to them.

4. Do not put heavy baggage in the overhead storage bin. During flight turbulence, if it falls down to your head, it can cause serious injuries. By keeping such items in the overhead storage bin, you are putting both yourself as well as your co-passengers at great risk. Therefore, if you have certain items that are so heavy that you are having difficulty in lifting it into the bin, you are advised to consult flight attendants and get it stored somewhere else safely.

5. Never ignore pre-flight briefing. If you are an experienced traveler, such briefings may seem repetitious to you. , it is important for you to note that the emergency exits in different airlines are located at different places. Therefore, while you are traveling by air, you should at least pay attention to what the briefings say about what to do when there is an emergency landing.

15 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling By Air

6. Last, but not the least, it is always recommended to fly on non-stop routings. Statistics say that most airline accidents happen during the landing phase of flight, or during the descent, climb or takeoff. This way, by choosing to travel in direct flights, you can easily minimize the chances of accidents. Besides that, it will also make your journey more convenient and less time consuming.


7. Buy your tickets in the exact name that is in your ID. It is very much possible that you are more popular as ‘Dave’ but “George” is the name that appears on your ID card. If so, you must purchase the tickets under the name of ‘George’, not ‘Dave’ because otherwise you may have to face big trouble while you are dealing with the security officers and desk agents. While you are traveling by air, you will be asked to show identification at various stages before you board the plane. If the name on your ID is different from the name on your ticket, you may even not be allowed to board the plane.

8. Choose your seats carefully while you book your tickets, especially if you have a disability. Sometimes, you may not be able to change your seats later. It is true that a certain number of seats are kept reserved for people with disability problems, but if no-one books the same, they are made available for everyone for booking twenty-four hours before the flight.

9. Make sure you are well aware of the foreign document requirements. The entrance regulations may vary significantly from one country to another. For example, countries like South Africa will allow you to enter only if there are at least two unstamped, blank pages left in your passport. Likewise, you must have proper Visa to be able to enter countries like India, Kenya and Chile. So, double check all these requirements in advance and make sure that you fulfill the same.

15 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling By Air


10. Check your bag thoroughly before you leave. Are you forgetting something to remove from your bag? There are several things that you are prohibited to carry while you are traveling by air. For example, nail scissors may look like a very small object, but if you are caught at the security check with this thing in your bag, you will have to face hassles. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to check each and every piece of your luggage thoroughly before you leave for the airport. Alternatively, be extra careful while you are packing; pack everything in a way as if you are going through the screening process at the airport.

11. If you are carrying some electronic items, you must keep them in one layer. This way, you can easily avoid a lot of hassles at the time of security check at the airport. It has been found that security officers become doubtful of those passengers who have items packed in their bags in a haphazard manner, such as things jumbled together. In such cases, security officers prefer to do manual checking and they take more time in the process. Therefore, while you are traveling by air, the way you pack your baggage also plays a crucial role in determining whether your journey is going to be a pleasant experience or not.

12. Use bags and suitcases that look different from others. This way, you can easily recognize them. It will save you from a lot of hassles. A common practice is to tie ribbons in a specific color, but it is not a very great idea, as it is very much likely that these ribbons will be torn off in the transporting process. Therefore, a better strategy is to buy bags and suitcases in unusual colors and deisgns.

15 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling By Air

At The Airport

13. When it comes to traveling by air, you also need to be very careful while you are purchasing things at duty-free shops at the airport. It is very important for you to keep in mind that you cannot expect to steal a bargain in everything that is available for sale in duty-free shops. Therefore, you are advised to buy only those items from there that you are sure that it costs more in a local departmental store.

Besides that, you must exercise extra caution if you are considering purchasing things like bottles of olive oil and alcohol. For example, if you are waiting at the airport for the next flight after clearing customs, you must put all your purchased items in an already checked bag (or suitcase) only. It means if you realize it later that there is not enough space left in your bag to accommodate this extra big bottle of olive oil that you just purchased at a heavy discount price, you will have no other option but to leave that lovely bottle behind.

14. When it comes to traveling by air, you are also advised to enquire about the available options while you are stuck at an airport; it is possible that you are not aware of something that can make your stay more convenient. For example, many airports open extra lines during peak seasons. By seeking out those additional lines, you can get through security much faster.

Besides that, if you are stuck at a particular airport, such as in a Texas airport, you can enjoy some of the best barbecue of the state at the Salt Lick Bar-B-Que restaurant. Likewise, if you have school-age children with you and you are stuck at Boston’s Logan Airport, you will be glad to know that there is a play area for children in the terminal C. The point is that it is possible that you are not aware of certain features that are available at an airport. So, make sure you enquire about the same. This way, you will be able to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

15. Traveling by air can be much more hassle-free if you also know the airport’s code. It’s a three letter code, which is not always intuitive. For example, MSY is the code for New Orleans’s Louis Armstrong Airport. Therefore, if the city you are going to visit has more than one airport, it will be a nice idea to carry a list of codes for all the airports available with you. When there are multiple airports in a city and you do not know the codes, you may sometimes get confused which airport you have to catch your flight from. Besides that, at a curbside check-in, luggage-destination tags are very much likely to get mixed up badly. Therefore, besides knowing the codes, you must also make sure that your bags have been labeled properly by your skycap.

Overall, traveling by air can be a very pleasant experience if you keep in mind the above things and plan and pack accordingly. You can save yourself from a lot of hassles if you follow the above tips thoroughly. These tips, when followed properly, will make sure you have a safe and pleasant journey.

Neyaz Akhtar